10 Innovative Online Marketing Examples

Marketing your business online is critical for success and here are few out of the ordinary ways to get some traffic.

1. Shopping.com Consumer Demand Index

The Shopping.com Consumer Demand Index (CDI) makes it easy for you to put your finger on the pulse of consumer demand. With millions of shopping searches conducted each week, the CDI reveals emerging trends and hidden gems while highlighting the hottest products. Pick some that are relevant to your products and create some content.

 Answers, “How To” and Self Help

These are great not only for niche research, but you can also use them for traffic generation. Contribute content, leave a link…and watch the trafficstream in…

2. eHow

=> http://www.ehow.com

3. WikiHow

=> http://www.wikihow.com/Main-Page

4.How Stuff Works

=> http://www.howstuffworks.com/

5. So You Wanna?

=> http://www.soyouwanna.com/

6. About.com

=> http://www.about.com/

7. Yahoo Answers

=> http://answers.yahoo.com/

8. Tips and Answers

=> http://www.tipsanswers.com/

This is a good gem to look out for. Use it to create custom report and offer to your list to add value. You can also use it as an incentive for opt ins.

9. Find All About -> http://www.findallabout.com/index.php

10. This site is damn good! It is a big resource on “How-To” videos. I have to add that the videos are funny! And entertaining.

Throws up a lot of useful ideas as well.

It’s a must watch! => VideoJug -> http://www.videojug.com

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