Advanced Internet Marketing Strategies

Lots of people have been asking about what to do once you start making money on the Internet so I thought I would show you some of the things I look at.

Once you start getting some extra income you will need to develop some investment strategies and we will discuss some here for you.

Obviously once you start making money online it is good to get some advice from an accountant. When picking an accountant try and find one who is entreprenurial. You want one that can give advise besides just doing your tax.

As many of you know we run this program mainly to support our charity work where we teach orphans and disadvantaged youth in third world countries  like Thialand, Cambodia and Vietnam.

Next year we will be initiating Train the Trainer program where we will be working with some of the better students so they can start teaching as well. This site will be their main point of reference and so by simpluy joining the program you have helped us begin this project.

To achieve this we are looking at ways to raise more income and on the weekend I met a young lady called Carly Crutchfield who was talking about property development. I am going to list her presentation below if you are interested in this field.

Some other things we do is invest some in shares, the money market and long term investments and of course property.

We also look out for opportunites from our existing customers and clients. Building websites for other businesses can be a great source of potential business ideas.

For example this week we are building a site for a mechanic and learnt all about HID lighting for cars etc. Do a goole search for it.

This may develop into another business we can set up selling these kits.

If you would like to join us and learn all sorts of different online business strategies join up here.

So thats what we do and here are Carley’s videos which explain property development. Here is the first one and the links to the others are below.


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