Blog Posts for Traffic!

Over the last few posts we have discussed a number of ways to develop traffic using various forms of content.

Adding specific posts like this that apply to your business not only brings in traffic but also creates a place where visitors return to see what you are offering.

Writing posts should involve a little bit of research to find out what people are looking for in regards to your business.

The key factor here is to using a heading around the keyword you found and then write your content with regards to those keywords and the topic.
Rmember that search engines look for text not graphics or flash content so by writing short concise posts that relate to your site will make it highly visible.
Bookmarking your posts.

Once you have written your post it is a good idea to then submit it to a few of the social media sites like Digg, delicious, stumble etc.
Having a wordpress site like this makes it very easy to do as much of this can be automated but also the bookmarking sites are just below.
Final Thoughts
Post often and post relative content. Keep it interesting and add a graphic  to make it more visually appealing. Also the occasional audio or video is great and shows you are doing more than others and also adds some credability.
If your site does not allow for blogging and utilizing the various systems available to make it more accessable then contact us for an upgrade.  If you already have a static html site we can upgrade for as little as $330.

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