Business for sale!

In todays economy lots of people are looking for a small business to buy with the aim of supplementimg their current job or even to replace it, should the worst happen.

On the other side there are also lots of people exiting the small business arena because of the high overheads and drop in sales.

It can be a real land mine trying to evaluate the true value of a traditional business as there are so many pitfalls.

dollar_army_4I bought a business a number of years ago and all the figures seemed to be good, I did all my homework  however what I did not find out was that interest rates were going to skyrocket. I borrowed a lot of money at 11% but2 years later it was 24% in 1989. It pretty well killed me.

My Internet business has virtually no overheads and was in profit in the first 6 months and has no limit on the income that can be achieved.

If your looking to set up or buy a small business let us help you consider setting up a small Online business. Join our 6 month course and gain all the skills you need to be profitable online.

Lets face it even if you buy a traditional business you will need a website and this is the most cost effective to get one.

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