Don’t forget to have fun.

Having fun is an important part of running your business. We often talk about all the different tactics and strategies we use to build our business however having fun is often a topic that is over looked.

All work and no play makes owning a computer a little bit dull.  Why shouldn’t you have some fun once in a while?  Take a little time to learn about the recreational side of your indispensable working tool.

Go For It

Consider these questions:

What is your hobby?
What do you enjoy doing?
Have you invented a better way to do something?
Are you passionate about a solution that solves problems?
Is there a product you’ve used yourself and love?
Do you have valuable experience to share?

Build a business on the answers.

It will thrive because you will have the emotional and principled commitment to make things happen. Think about what you have fun doing and think of a way to turn that into a business. Now you’re thinking! Look, you’re having fun already!

The Web is filled with folks trying to make a buck who aren’t having any fun. You can tell by their poor presentations, their lack of decent service levels and questionable commitment to quality. The ones who aren’t having any fun and who are just in it for the bucks cut corners every chance they get and complain about the latest challenge technology offers. Why? Because they don’t enjoy or believe in what they are doing. Just show them the money! Within a short time their site is shutdown and they’ve wasted a lot of time and money.

People who are having fun know what I mean. You’re on the other side of this screen with that smirk on your face because you’ve been there, done that. You know that when you are having fun you are working harder, learning daily and more focused on your goals than anyone you know. You also happened to be happier, more grounded and a more enjoyable person to be around. Your customers love you and your business thrives because you are having fun!

I’m having fun! Actually, after over 10 years I’m still having a blast! How about you?

Here is one of my fun products. I hope you enjoy it.

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