We provide you with a simple yet effective shopping cart in your WordPress system when you join the club. Here is a basic overview of the how and why we do it a certain way.

Extra Notes:

  • You can lock download to IP address protecting your products.
  • You can automate the download process
  • You can get people to sign into your site before proceeding to purchase
  • You can also provide free products using the system
  • You can set up a complete photo, poster selling site using another display plugin
  • Much More

I don’t process credit cards.

I let my merchant facility do it all for me. Handling other peoples Credit Card information can be a real nightmare.

Electronic commerce on the internet is a very interesting subject when you actually come to set up your own.

I spent a great deal of time investigating all the options.

This was especially so here in Australia because of the banking laws. It is important whatever country you live in to see an accountant to get the right information for keeping the appropriate records.

The solutions we are looking at are mainly based in the USA but work globally.

For solutions in your area you will have to do some personal research however what we have here will work in most places around the world.

Some 3 rd party merchant companies only deal in digital products. Others only deal in tangible products like CD’s books etc.

The only advise I can give is that you do your own homework and really search one out that you feel meets your requirements. Ok I know you want some advise so I will tell you what I use.

As this section is about business I noticed as I was doing my research that most successful businesses, whether online or off, utilized some sort of system.

This meant that what ever products were added they simply plugged them into the system. You can either get a full blown merchant facility or use third party ones which I discuss below. These are great if you are just starting and many of the top marketers still use these type of programs over a personal merchant facility.

No Internet business will work very well if you cannot collect and process credit cards.

I have been amazed at how many people have joined our businesses over the years and will not use their credit card. Security is not in the processing but what happens to the card at the other end and this is why we use 2Checkout, Clickbank or Paypal for your security and ours.

If you have your own merchant account or just want a free cart using one of the many 3rd party merchant facilities then we will show you a fantastic system you can set up.

It is an excellent service used by literally thousands of people around the world and it is free.

Merchant Account with Bank

This is probably the hardest one to set up unless your business has a good trading history. You will need a full business and marketing plan or some hefty capital to guarantee the account.

Banks offer two types of merchant accounts.

  1. A standard merchant account
  2. An online merchant account

Both are different facilities so if you have one does not necessarily mean you have the other. If you want to use this system contact your local bank for directions.

3rd Party Processors

These are companies that let you have an account and collect payments online and especially good for new online marketers. In fact most of the bigger marketers use these as well as they provide an excellent service and you can process thousands of dollars virtually no security.

The main ones are:

  1. Paypal
  2. 2 Checkout
  3. Clickbank

Each country also has its own specific gateways however we mainly will be using Paypal and 2Checkout because they will deposit directly into your bank account in most countries. Paypal is the easiest to use and so we will start with them.

We have a few workshops on exactly how to set it up and manage your sales.

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