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Here are some more Mals eCommerce Tutorials and Resources.

Support – Getting started

Before you start

The shopping cart is designed to be used with product pages which hosted somewhere else so before you start you need two things: a website and an HTML editor of some sort.

All you have to do then is add simple “Buy Now” buttons to your site. They can be made from a form button or a text hyperlink and contain the product description and the price. There is a working example “Buy Now” link in your Welcome email.

Your Welcome email

When you first join you are sent a Welcome email which contains very important information about your account. It also contains two simple working examples of a “Buy Now” link and a Review cart link. You can use those links as the basis for creating your own Buy Now buttons for other products or use one of the Button makers.

Click here for the button makers…

Configuring your cart

The cart is initially created with a simple configuration which works without modification. However, sooner or latter you will want to define your own shipping, sales tax and chose the payment methods you offer your customers. Configuration of the cart is done entirely in Admin.

Finally, don’t forget the FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) as most problems have been encountered before!

Click here for the setup FAQs…

Publish your website

Everything except the Continue shopping buttons back from the cart will work from pages that are still on your hard disk. So only upload your new site when you are ready. Test everything by placing an order through the cart and make sure it does what you want it to do.

Button creator

There are three different button makers to help you create your hyperlinks! The choice is yours…


This simple Windows utliity helps create your Buy Now links by generating the HTML code for either a hyperlink or a form button.

It’s main advantage is no more cut and paste, just paste… as well as taking up less space on your screen.

It’s a stand-alone executable file which requires no real installation. Save it somewhere handy on your hard disk and double click on it to run.

Download mButton – 731Kb

JS Button

The JS Button creator is cross-platform because it is written in Javascript and runs in the browser. It too is designed to help you make hyperlinks that are used to add products to the cart. It can’t make form buttons, it uses the “add.cfm” method.

Simply enter your username (userid) and data about the product into the appropriate text boxes and hit “GO”. The URL for the product will then appear in the Link Box and you can cut and paste into your HTML editor to make a hyperlink. Some HTML editors have an unfortunate habit of re-writing the URL when it is pasted in. Check the source code of the page.

To use the JS Button creator offline simply save it to your hard disk as a web page. Then open it in your browser whenever you need it.

Download JS Button – opens in a new browser window

JS Button with hash field

If you are using the link verification option then there is another version of the JS Button creator which makes and includes the appropriate string. Download that version from within Admin area on the Link Verification page in the setup area.

Mal’s online button creator

The purpose of the Button Creator is to help you make hyperlinks which add products to your customer’s cart or order. Enter the details and the HTML is created at the bottom for you to cut and paste into your webpage.

Click here for the online button creator

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