How To Create An Ebook!

Creating an Ebook is not as hard as you may think. You can compile it in many different ways. You can then sell them, give them away or offer as bonuses. Which ever way you do it the result will be a great inbound marketing technique.

The most important thing is to write simply.

It is actually better if you just tell a story and provide good solid information. No big words. It is not an academic disertation. Most people read at a secondary school level.

I have compiled many books in three main formats.

  1. You can use a software package called Ebook Generator. This creates an exe file and allows you to use all the features of the internet inside your book as it is basically a specialised form of a browser. You create your webpages in something like front page and then compile all the pages in to your ebook. You can get a sample below.

  2. The second and most popular is in a PDF format. To make these all you do is create your content in a word processor and then compile using a PDF printer. If you use Open office it has a PDF compiler or you can get a free one from a previous post.
  3. There are also a lot of proprietary ebook creators that produce ebooks in many different formats. One I particuarily like is the turning book style. There is a sample below.

Ebook Generator and PDF’s have the added advantage of allowing your readers to brand some of the content which is great for affiliate marketing and making your ebooks more viral.

Creating your first eBook

videolighting150Organization is the key

To make it easy to compile your eBooks I suggest you put all your files in the one directory. If your just starting I would also suggest you go with a PDF format as they are easier to create.

Remember the success of your ebook will depend on the quality of the information you include. In your book you can link to your products, affiliate products and also any other sites or resources you like.

Remember if you are going to sell the book there is a good chance if it is any good it will be stolen so by adding good links this can become a plus rather than a negative.

Download the PDF of Video Lighting.

99% of people are honest so going overboard with security can just cause more problems than its worth.

Remember also that some eye candy graphics and a good layout can make your book look a lot more professional. Here is a great resource for word templates.

Test before you have a go.

One of the best ways to see what you need to do is to build a few very simple ebooks and then compile them. You will quickly notice if you can navigate through the pages easily and how your software matches the PDF writer you use.

ometimes the links will not work depending on the linking structure you use so test these. I actually got an old copy of Adobe Acrobat from an auction for $20 which then allows you to edit the whole PDF as is.

Below are some Sample.

So here are some example of the various forms of ebooks avaialable and tomorrow we will look at video.

PDF Example: Guaranteed Success Thinking
Exe File Example: 10 Google Steps (zipped)
Turning Page:

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