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Another great way to create inbound traffic and also a service you may be able to provide your clients is by utilizing video.

I am pretty sure as soon as I mentioned the word video most people think huge expense with cameras and lighting etc., however on the Internet this is not necessarily so.

The thing is you are not making feature length film but short, to the point, 3 to 5 minute videos.

These can be anything from “How To” videos to interviews to just simply talking about certain things that your viewers would be interested in.



The Simplest Free Video Production with

While these are not actually videos the fact that they use flash and can have streaming audio make them a powerful yet simple to produce video style presentations that just about anybody can produce.

How you produce these are to use either Microsoft Powerpoint or Open Offices Impress. You can also upload a whole range of other formats to produce these easy videos. If you want to make them even more impressive you can also add audio and link it to the different slides.

“How to” Videos can be made easily and FREE!

Training and educational videos are high in demand because they show the watcher how to do specific things. You can use these to show any function you do on your computer from how to use excel to how to record audio to how to create a webpage.

If your using windows you can use the Microsoft Movie Maker and Microsoft Media Encoder to enable you to make movies from your screen. These are great for tutorials and we use them a lot here. I use Camtasia however the Microsoft product which is free will do just as well. You can then upload them to your site and all the public video sites to drive traffic.

Here is how to set it all up from the windows site.…screencap.aspx

And another interesting tutorial

SolutionBase: Creating video tutorials with Windows Media Encoder

And some more detailed tutorials

Compression, Codecs, Windows Media Encoder – PapaJohn’s Newsletter Archive

Here is a sample of one of our “How To” Videos:

Live Video Production.

Finanly we have what most of us would consider video. It is where you get a camera and take video.

You can do this a number of ways. You can use a Web Cam video camera, a Camcorder or the new style Flip Cameras.

Creating this type of video is exciting and fun and you can use the Windows Movie maker to edit. I personally use Sony Vegas software which we tech in the membership program however both work well.

Here is a sample of what I am talking about.

Which ever video method you use I am sure you will have lots of fun.

Resources – Here are some resources to help you produce great videos.

Digital Juice TV

Shoot for the edit

Windows Movie Maker

Sony Vegas

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