Marketing Made Simple

You’ve probably asked yourself this question. You know that your website has the potential to be so much more than just a virtual ‘billboard’ for your business. But you’re not 100% sure what to do and how to do it. Marketing is simply being consistant with a few tasks to get good rankings.

Consider this formula for your marketing:

Leads and sales = traffic + persuasive content + calls to action.

Sound simple? It is if you really understand each of the components and put them into action. Let’s get started.

Steering the right kind of traffic in your direction with good marketing.

You’ve got a website. Maybe you even had it professionally designed. It looks great. It shows what you do. Is your phone ringing? Inbox full of enquiries? No? It’s probably because either NO traffic or the WRONG KIND of traffic is being driven to your website.

According to Forrester Research, 81% of internet users find what they are looking for using search engines. They’re out there, searching. They’re using keywords to find what they are looking for. Your website needs to appear in organic and/or Adword searches. And the keywords in your website need to match those that your ideal customer is typing in. Thats the basics of online marketing for your business.

Choosing your keywords for your marketing

It’s a combination of common sense, research and knowing your audience. Start with these four keyword tips:

1. Imagine your ideal customer and what they might type into a search engine

2. Use keywords that are relevant and specific to your business

3. Consider using a professional keyword research tool to uncover niche keywords, especially if your field has a lot of competition for primary keywords.

4. Try to use a phrase that is not too broad. For example, “moving” may include house movers as well as body movements.

Include your chosen keyword or keyword phrase in these important places for better marketing:

1. The title tag or header tag of your page
2. The meta description of the page
3. The headline on the page
4. Within the body of your text on the page

How organic searches work!

Google is the best known search engine. It is constantly sending out ‘spiders’ that crawl the web searching for websites. Google gives page rank to website pages based on their keywords, content and number of other sites linking to them. These criteria will help you get a higher page rank and increase your chances of appearing on the first page of search results. For a new website this can take time. There are no hard and fast rules. It can take anything from a week to a few months for Google to ‘find’ you.

What about paid Adwords Marketing?

Running an Adword campaign is a viable way to have your website appear on Page One. Adwords work on a ‘pay per click’ system where you bid for keyword terms and then literally pay each time a visitor clicks on your ad. Your ad features on the right hand side of the search results page or right at the top in Sponsored Links.

Having action plans in place for your keywords, organic search and adword strategies will mean that the right kind of users are finding your site and the best kind of traffic is getting drive there.

The eagle has landed – what now?

The second component of the formula: persuasive content. You may have heard of the ‘5 second scan’ rule. That’s roughly how long it will take for a person to scan your site and see if you have what they want. Don’t get disheartened. Get inspired. The person who has landed on your site wants to like it. They want to see what they are looking for. They want to make a connection with you.

They are open and ready to interact – give them lots of compelling, fun and juicy reasons to interact with you. This is your no 1 marketing strategy.

Three great guidelines to making your content persuasive:

1. It’s not about what you do well, it’s about what you do that your customer needs. Find out what this is and build your content around it.

2. There is one thing that is unique about your business. Your unique selling proposition (USP) is what sets you apart from similar businesses and it must be woven through the words, images and offers on your website.

3. Speak to your customers in language they understand. Speak directly (the internet is a one-to-one communication tool). Include images, graphics, videos, downloads – but all in the language of your customer.

Making the move from a lead to a sale

Give your reader clear directions about what action you want them to take. Make it inviting and make it easy. Make it a genuine call to action. Good Marketing is not about Hype but providing good information

This may or may not be an immediate financial transaction. Unless your site offers e-commerce it is more likely to be an information transaction. This means you trade something in return for your prospect’s details and permission to market to them.

Each page of your site should have a compelling call to action. Here are 3 tips:

Marketing tip 1. Give away something of genuine value. Information your prospect needs, industry advice they can’t get elsewhere, a service bonus only for those who sign up are good examples.

Marketing tip 2. Start simple. Don’t ask your reader for the world. A name and email address is all most new visitors will be happy to give. This is the start of your relationship – your prospect will be testing the waters to see how much they can trust you.

Marketing tip 3. Give control to your customer. In the language, in what you want them to do, in the response you guarantee them. The web is a user driven medium and customers want to be in control.

A strong and compelling call to action will prompt your lead to become a website member. You then have your permission to market and sell to them in a concrete way. And the great thing is, you KNOW they are interested in what you have to sell. They’ve already told you.

Leads and sales = traffic + persuasive content + calls to action.

Now you know what it means and how to do it. Address each of the three key areas and enjoy building dynamic, fruitful and profitable relationships with your customers online.

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