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We have tested this system over the last few months and highly recommend it.

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On this page you can find videos and PDFs that explain you in details how to properly use Free Traffic System and build top quality one way backlinks.

Watch the videos and read PDFs BEFORE you start building backlinks here.

Every step of what you are doing in Free Traffic System has been tested and double tested to bring you maximum success. The first pages in Google and other search engines for our own sites and for the sites of our clients prove that we really know this business and we are competent to give recommendations in SEO industry. Follow them precisely, and you will get targeted traffic from search engines.

PDF – Step by Step to Preparing Your Articles to Free Traffic System Submission

Download this guide with detailed instructions and screenshots that show how to prepare and submit articles for Free Traffic System. Following this plan will make sure you get natural, safe and effective link growth for your web sites.

Download PDF guide here

Watch this video to see how to submit your articles to Free Traffic System and get maximum effect from one way links built here. Also make sure to read the PDF with detailed instructions and screenshots about how to prepare your article to Free Traffic System submission.

Video tutorial which explains how to spend 5 minutes of your time and get dozens of non-duplicate text versions of ONE ARTICLE.

This simple spinning job will make sure when your article is republished on up to 30 blogs in Free Traffic System, all backlinks from these blogs come from non-duplicate content pages – this is a real boost to the value of your backlinks from every article that you submit to Free Traffic System.

Watch how to add your WordPress blogs to Free Traffic System and get +7% more BONUS backlinks in our affiliate program.

This video explains how exactly simple mentioning of Free Traffic System can bring you hundreds and thousands of free one way links (BONUS links) even without article submissions to Free Traffic System.

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One way backlinks is one of the best and most effective ways to get high positions in search engines and milk these positions for targeted traffic. But getting quality one way links is a big job.

Free Traffic System is a new project that helps you to get top quality one way links for free – unlimited number of one way links, because you build as many as you need. Moreover, Free Traffic System has integrated a brand new concept of viral marketing, rewarding its members with bonus one way links.

Before getting to the viral part of the project, it is important to explain where exactly you are getting these backlinks. The backlinks are built inside real blog posts, not in the footer or blogroll – in the very body of the real, unique blog post. This is the most safe way to build one way links, because you give real unique content to the visitors in the blog posts and search engines will always welcome it – search engines were created to help people in finding quality information in the Internet.

You get backlinks from relevant sites that belong to real people in different niches. Natural, safe and smart way to build backlinks for free. You submit one article to Free Traffic System and it converts into up to 60 top quality one way backlinks! And – unlike traditional article marketing – no one will delete your backlinks from the article, like they do when stealing your content from article directories.

The viral part of Free Traffic System is simple – they reward people for bringing others into this free project. You are receiving a BONUS backlink on every 3rd post that people whom you referred to Free Traffic System are making. This means you get bonus backlink on article No 1, 4, 7, 10, 13, 16, etc. of all people who got into the system via the affiliate link.

As every article can be republished on up to 30 sites in Free Traffic System, this means that one article with your bonus link equals to 30 backlinks from Free Traffic System. 2 articles = 60 bonus backlinks, 3 articles = 90 bonus backlinks. And this is in addition to the unlimited backlinks that you can build inside Free Traffic System yourself.

And the final perk of the viral strategy. If you add at least one WordPress blog to Free Traffic System, they instantly increase the number of bonus backlinks by 7%.

So, in Free Traffic System you get:

– free backlinks that you build yourself
– viral bonus backlinks for affiliating people into the project
– viral bonus backlinks for adding your blog(s) to Free Traffic System

With this free backlink building power targeted traffic from search engines becomes just a matter of time.

Free Traffic System is the new age of article marketing: it has its advantages and does not have its disadvantages.

The advantages of both article marketing and Free Traffic System are obvious – Google and other search engines welcome and will always welcome the creation of new, useful, non-duplicate content and that is why search engines look favorably upon the backlinks generated this way.

Due to this “benevolent attitude” from search engines towards links built via article marketing thousands of people are successfully using article marketing for years to improve their positions in search engines for the necessary keywords.

BUT, unfortunately article marketing has some serious disadvantages – let’s have a look at them:

– when others republish your article they can delete your backlinks from article

This is a real problem. After you have submitted your article to one of the major article directories – you lose control over this article. Today lots of people are using different automatic tools to “harvest” these directories for content and republish its articles on their sites.

The problem is that more and more people started to steal your content from article directories and automatically DELETE your backlinks from the resource box. OR they steal just a tiny portion of your content (1st paragraph of your article, for example) and give a backlink to the article directory. This is great for article directory, but not for you!

With Free Traffic System you are guaranteed that pages where your content is republished will remain with YOUR backlinks. Those blogs who break this rule and touch your links (modify them/make them invisible/delete them) will be deleted from the Free Traffic System and lose access to quality content.

– duplicate content problems

You see, when one and the same article is republished Google quickly “understands” this is a duplicate content and “sees” that a big portion of your backlinks is built from duplicate content pages. This is not dangerous and Google will not punish you for doing that, but it is rumored that Google seriously lowers the SEO value of backlinks built from duplicate content pages.

With Free Traffic System you have all tools necessary to make each of your articles be non-duplicate, even if the article is republished on 20, 40, 100 or even more blogs. With the help of simple procedures – that will take extra 5 minutes per article – you will create dozens or even hundreds of READABLE and CONCISE versions of article title and body. It is all in your hands: if you decide to spend 5 minutes and use the diversification tools provided by Free Traffic System, then each of the articles republished will be unique for Google and other search engines. And this will instantly increase the value of your backlinks.

Looks at the comparison table to see Free Traffic System compared vs traditional article marketing.


Explore these are other advantages of building one way links with the new level of article marketing – claim your free registration at Free Traffic System.

Let’s not be pessimistic and indulge in over-drama, but it is a fact that the whole world is experiencing serious financial problems. Yes, this is not a pleasant thing to experience, but this is a chance to make more money, especially online.

No one is going to brainwash you that making money in the Internet is easy. It has always been tough and now it gets even more difficult. But there is one simple fact that no one is going to deny – if you can get TARGETED traffic to your sites, you will always have money from the Internet, even during the recession times and crisis economy. This rule worked from the first days of the Internet and will work until the last days of the Internet (fingers crosses for ages of life to it).

Yes, this is not a secret, targeted traffic is your key to making huge money. But getting this traffic is a real job. It takes time, efforts and money and – most often – you have to be prepared to wait a lot before you see any results.

From its successful experience Free Traffic System team believes that 1st page in major search engines for your niche keywords is the best way to get stable and targeted traffic. During the prelaunch period of 2 months since September 2008 Free Traffic System has helped dozens of people to get 1st page in Google and other search engines. These people – Free Traffic System “success test team” – are simple people with web sites in different niches: health, arts, business management, currency trading, loans, computer games, advertising, spiritual improvement, etc. The proofs are published on Free Traffic System official page.

For free these people got their nice positions in search engines and this increased targeted traffic to their sites. It means they seriously increased the chances to make more sales, get more subscribers, clicks on the batters, signups to lead capturing forms – anything that gives real money in the Internet.

Very soon you are going to see that advertisers will shrink their online budgets. But they will keep paying to the sites with targeted traffic, because this is the only way for the advertisers to survive online.

Now Free Traffic System is officially launched, and you can claim your free membership in it right now. Free is the best price that you can ever find, especially during the times of economic crisis. Join the club where other businesses owners make real steps to getting targeted traffic from search engines.

At the beginning of September 2008 Free Traffic System team has started the testing cycle of its new SEO strategy of getting 1st page in major search engines for the niche keywords.

For the testing purposes a group of volunteers – owners of web sites in different niches – was gathered to test the new strategy offered by Free Traffic System team. This testing team was built of people without search engine optimization experience who had web sites in the niches of: health, business management, investments, car loans, travelling, vacations, self development, computer games, gambling, arts, etc.

The aim of the testing was to show how people without SEO knowledge, by doing simple procedures offered my Free Traffic System, can get 1st page in Google and other search engines.

With the terms of 2-9 weeks these web sites have got to the 1st page in Google which is interpreted by Free Traffic System team as a serious unbiased proof of the effect from its strategy. The screenshots from Google that show the testing sites on the 1st page are published on the official web site of Free Traffic System project.

Having checked the effect from its strategy on the testing team, Free Traffic System has officially announced the launch of its free service.

Anyone can claim the free membership which gives site owner access to the unlimited amount of quality one way links. These one way links help site owners to improve SEO value of their sites and get good positions in search engines.

For more details about the system, success stories and how to join please contact Free Traffic System support team.

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