List Building

How many times you heard “money is in the list”?

I heard it many times why?

Because with a list of subscribers you can find ways to monetize it easily: e.g you can sell them affiliate or your own products, you can provide useful contents and sell your advertising space on your site, you can drive traffic to your sites and if your subscribers click on the ads, you can make some money, you can do quite a lot with your subscribers.

But first you need to know how to build a list. In this tutorial, we will going through step by step on how I build my list. There are lots of ways but I will put only what works for me and that’s it.

So how do you build a list?

First step, get an autoresponder.

What is an autoresponder? you ask.

Quite simply, it’s a piece of software that enables you to send emails to people automatically. This doesn’t mean that it writes the emails for you and it doesn’t involve spam or sending unsolicited email. What it means is that you set up a sequence of prewritten emails that are sent out to prospects on your database at regular intervals.

The importance of this cannot be underestimated. Time and time again internet marketing gurus tell you that the money is in the list. This is not by accident. The online marketing specialists know that this is fact. The more people you have on a mailing list that are interested in your products or services, the more sales you will make.

You can use an autoresponder to essentially send emails out to your prospect list, even when you’re not at a computer. What you do is you create, lets say, a seven part email course. Then you can set the intervals for the emails to, say, once a day and send them one part of the course each day. So you write the emails one time and then anyone joining that list will automatically be sent those emails for the next seven days.

This doesn’t matter if you’re online or if you’re away from the computer. They will get sent automatically. They also get added to the list automatically. And if they choose to unsubscribe, all of that is taken care of without you having to lift a finger.

How to get people on your list? If you have been an internet marketer, or had any type of online home based business, for more than a few days, then you will no doubt have heard someone say, “if you want to make money online, you have to build an opt-in list.”

Take that advice very seriously, because it’s true! It took me a long time to finally let the list building advice sink in, so I didn’t start doing it until I had my home business for quite a while. However, once I started building my list, I realized just how important it truly is. My only regret now is that I didn’t start a lot sooner.

There are numerous ways to build an opt-in list. However, some are much more effective than others. So, I decided to share seven of the most powerful strategies to build a targeted opt-in list.

Here are seven tips for building your opt-in list, in no particular order:

1) Free Newsletter –  Offering a free newsletter from your website is one of the most common, and effective ways to build an opt-in list. It is also one of the best strategies for building trusting relationships with your list.

Pack your newsletter full of useful information, free resources, tips, tools, and anything else your subscriber list will be interested in. Also, be sure to make it fun and add your personality to it. Then your subscribers will enjoy reading it and get to know you at the same time.

2) Make It Easy to Subscribe –  To maximize your newsletter sign-ups, you must also have a quick and easy way for people to subscribe to it. The best way to do this is to put a simple form on the top part of the left hand column of your websites home page, and all other pages, if possible.

Put a quick sentence or two telling them why your newsletter would benefit them (i.e. freebies, resources, tips, tools, etc.) then have a way for them to add their email address and name below it. This simple form will bring in a lot of your subscriber list.

3) Quality Content –  Packing your website full of quality content will bring in a lot of visitors. Many of these visitors will then subscribe to your newsletter. Your list will grow naturally and so will your search engine rankings, which will bring even more visitors who can join your list. It will eventually turn into a list building, money making cycle.

4) Forums –  There are literally thousands of forums and discussion boards on the internet where people go to discuss all sorts of things and ask questions. All you have to do is find forums related to your particular business and particpate in the discussion.

>Most of the forums allow you to put a signature line under your post, which is where you can put a link to your subscription information. Do not spam the forums in any way. Make absolutely certain you offer legitimate posts, with useful information, or you will ruin your reputation in no time.

5) Write Articles –  This is well-known technique for establishing yourself as an expert in your field and getting inbound links to your site. Furthermore, it is just as effective for building your opt-in list. All you have to do it put a link to your newsletter subscription in the byline of the article and submit the article to websites, directories, and ezines.

I think writing articles is actually one of the best ways to build your list because the readers already see you as an expert. They will think of you as a knowledgeable individual and someone they can trust before they even join your list. Profits will roll in much faster from these subscribers.

6) Co-Registration – This is something you may have never even heard of, but it is used by many top internet marketers to build huge lists in a very short amount of time. I actually first learned of this list building technique after reading an article from one of the top marketing experts on the internet.

Rather than go on about what co-registration lists are, instead I am going to simply tell you that they are a very effective way to build a monster list in a short amount of time. You can find my recommended co-registration service at . At their website you will be able to learn more about what co-registration lists are and how they work.

7) Write an E-book – Internet marketers are always looking for freebies to give away on their websites, as bonuses for purchases, and to send to their lists. This is a great opportunity for you to build your own list. All you have to do is write an e-book and let other internet marketers give it away.

The e-book doesn’t have to be anything too elaborate; you can just make it a collection of your best articles, business tips, and business resources. Of course, you will put links to your newsletter subscription and website. Then, give it away, and watch it turn into a viral list building machine.

There you have it, seven powerful strategies that are sure to build your opt-in list. Putting these list building strategies into play as soon as possible will quickly sky-rocket your list numbers, and increase your profits, more than you could have ever imagined.

So now you know what a list is, how to use an autoresponder here is the practical way of building your list.

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