New Google Tool for Finding Niches!

One person I suggest you follow is a guy called Matt Cutts who is an high level engineer at Google.

It was just anounced that Google has added some more functionality to their search engine. Here is a video on one of the great features for researching niches and micro niches.

Marissa Mayer, Vice President of Search Products and User Experience said:

Let’s say you are looking for forum discussions about a specific product, but are most interested in ones that have taken place more recently.

That’s not an easy query to formulate, but with Search Options you can search for the product’s name, apply the option to filter out anything but forum sites, and then apply an option to only see results from the past week.

Just last week, at our Shareholders’ Meeting, I had a woman ask me why she couldn’t organize her results by time, with the most recent information appearing first. “Come back Tuesday,” I wanted to say!

The Search Options panel also gives you the ability to view your results in new ways. One view gives you more information about each result, including images as well as text, while others let you explore and iterate your search in different ways.

Check out a video tour here:

Read More Here from the official Google Site.

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