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Offline Marketing Training Manual
A Special Module For The IM Club

People who have developed some online skills can leverage them to create a great business model by assisting offlineoffline marketing businesses to maximize their website or create new ones.

An Offline Marketing Business is simply working with offline or traditional businesses and then applying the skills we teach you to help them work better online.

The purpose of this Offline Marketing Manual is to provide all the relevant tools and information to help you develop a sustainable business model which you can then use to reach offline businesses and help them get better returns from their websites.

What we have found is that lots of businesses have hired a Web Designer to create their website, however many of these designers come out of the offline marketing arena so they do not really understand how the Internet works.

They are used to people paying huge sums of money for graphics rich, page adds in magazines and papers or placing adds on radio or TV. They then do the same online.

The problem is this never works and so you will find thousands of businesses with sites that simply don’t work. This is a great opportunity for you and your Offline Marketing Business.

95% of the small and medium businesses in your area are CLUELESS about even the most basic Internet marketing strategies.

You’re sharing exceptionally valuable information and at the start you’re doing it free.

Most business owners will LOVE you for that.

The important thing is to remember that you are not becoming a web designer but you are a web consultant. You may build web pages but your primary role is to provide information to help the business owner make an informed decision and then provide the service. Your Offline Marketing will help businesses get online successfully

This Offline Marketing Manual is a complete system to help you organize your business and become a real asset to the many small businesses in your local area which will be profitable for years to come.

Introduction – The Process For Offline Marketing

The process of setting up your offline marketing business is listed below.

1. Develop Your Skills – The most important part of any business is to develop your skills. If you have been doing Internet Marketing for a while then you most probably have most of the skills you need and maybe just a little honing to get them right.

2. Finding Clients – In this section we will look at the various ways you can use to find Clients for your Offline Marketing Business.

3. Client already has a Website – If your client already has a website then we use a system to determine how good it is.

4. If the client does not have website – The tings you need to think about if the client does not already have a website.

5. The packages you offer – This is a list of the modules you can offer in your Offline Marketing Package.

6. The Initial Contact – Contacting your new client and what to gather in the first meeting.

7. Pricing Structure – In this section we will look at some basic pricing structures and provide some forms to help you get started.

8. What you need to start – In this section we look at the basics of what you need to know to start doing the work.

9. Once you get the order – being organized is the key to this business so make sure you deliver on time and keep the customer informed of the progress. Good support is the key to referrals.

10. Additional Training – This is where we have a lot of extra videos and training for you on our site. The IM Club has a full range of additional videos and tutorials for all the specific things you can develop over time.

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