Finding Clients

There are lots of different ways to find your clients. Some of the most effective ways are:

* Create your own site – the first thing we did was to create our own marketing site where we post regularly about the different aspects of having an effective site. This then gives us a platform to show our new customers what they get and some of the features.

It also lets you show them how effective what you are offering them can be. We created which is targeting Australian businesses. We post to it often and use the same tactics we use for our clients.

* Business Cards – while this is probably an obvious way to get clients many Internet marketers think it can all just be done through web pages. Offline businesses use business cards, faxes, paper work etc and so it is important that you utilize the systems they use initially to get in the door.

* Yellow pages and directories – again offline businesses use traditional media and strategies to make themselves known so you can find a lot of clients by researching these area. Be proactive and keep your eyes and ears open.

* Meetings – Lots of offline businesses owners attend all sorts of different meetings like Chamber of Commerce, BMI, network clubs etc. Get to know some of these and go along.

* It’s not all about the money. Go along to be helpful and add to the discussion. They will see right through you if all you are doing is chasing the dollars. Have a helpful and pro active attitude.

* Tell Everyone what you do – get your introduction down pat!

For example the other week I went to a business breakfast and met a new person who promptly asked what I did for work. My answer was “I am a web consultant and I help businesses use the web to generate traffic, convert to leads and sell products and services.”

He said he had a friend who was looking at getting a website developed and did I have a card. I gave him the card and John rang me that afternoon. I had his web site up and running within the week and he has now referred two other clients to me.

Special Tip – Do a great job and they will refer clients to you.

That one contact at the breakfast generated over $4,500 with the possibility of more. I guess you could look at it as the 6 degrees of separation.

* Pound the streets – Obviously this is the hardest approach however once again if you are good at cold calling it can generate a lot of new clients.

* Joint Venture – Some people have a lot of friends and are good at marketing but not much good at the technical things. Link up with them and do a joint venture and share the profits. You can also access data bases held by your clients.

* Flyers -tack them up on every bulletin board you come across. Tape, nail or staple a flyer with nice graphics and your address and message presented nicely.

* Team Sports -get you name associated with a local team. Opportunities abound in your community. Sport teams from the VFW to Pee Wee League offer tremendous amounts of exposure to support and get your name out.

* Houses of Worship -support and advertise with churches & temples. From weekly newsletters to seasonal fairs there are dozens of opportunities just waiting for you and your business to dive in to.

* Classifieds -Take out a small classified announcement in your local daily and weekly news papers under the correct category letting people know your URL

Most business still involves face to face with customers and even those that don’t aren’t entirely divorced from dealing with clients and customers in person. It’s an important question to ask yourself every day.

How memorable am I and how memorable is my business?

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