The Initial Contact

So now we have everything in place to make initial contact with the client.

The purpose of this meeting is to get to know your client. Hopefully you will be working with them for a long time. The aim is to understand what they do, the products they sell and how as a Marketing consultant you can help them.

Control the conversation

Its important that you take control of the conversation as you can end up talking for hours. Maximum time for meeting Half Hour.

What you want to do is advise them that their time and yours is valuable so what you want to know is a basic overview of their business.

  • When it started or was purchased
  • The key products or services they offer
  • Any non primary products or services
  • Any groups they belong to line Chamber of Commerce etc
  • Why they have a website or why they want a new one.
  • What type of marketing they already do

Example One – My very first client was a young lady who was setting up an English training college and she wanted a website to provide information to help get students to enroll in a TESOL course.

So after talking with her the first things she wanted was a new website, we converted some of her registration forms into PDF format, and we set up a Paypal account so students could pay fees online.

This was nearly 8 years ago and over this time we have done a number of different projects for her. She wrote some books which we built sites for, we helped set up various systems in her office like CD and DVD duplication, we have helped run some of her schools and recorded the lessons and much more. Her business has now expanded overseas and we get all the work for her franchises as well.

Example Two – A very recent client sells water tanks and irrigation systems. Their site was not performing so we started a separate blog for them and now we are looking at taking over their main site. They also had a couple of other businesses which we are also about to revamp.

Referrals – The whole process is about providing good service, doing the work on time and in a professional manner. In example one this customer has referred over 10 new clients to us over the years.

This is the best way to get clients as they come virtually pre approved for you.

As you start to get to know more and more about their business you will find all sorts of opportunities arise. At a business breakfast meeting I met a printing consultant and then got a client who provided supplies for schools. A few phone calls and we linked the two which resulted in a contract for $30,000 worth of catalogs and a commission for us of $1,500. Not bad for a couple of phone calls. Get to know your clients business.

Remember you have the goods.

The beauty of the systems we show you how to building your websites is that you can help your client add audio and video for free.

If you have received any type of quote for building a web site you know that to add media can be very expensive however with the system we are looking at, it allows addition of audio and video at a great price. In fact free. Of course you don’t have to tell your client this.

The world is going mad over audio and video simply because we use it every day. We watch TV, go to the movies, listen to the radio, music or podcasts and so as the Internet matures it is obvious that this is a great medium to promote your and the clients business.

As a business owner I am sure you are interested in how to add this type of media which over time will bring in traffic and keep people on your site for longer.

Unlike traditional media this will be available for years and you don’t have to keep paying for the content to be delivered via your website.

Just add a few plugins and you can provide media to your clients very cheaply and this will be another point of difference. See our demo here . Plugins we use are Vipers Video Tags and One Pixel Audio

Customer Information Form

Name: ____________Phone:_______________________________

Business Name: ______________________________ Email: _______________________________ Address:_____________________________________ City: ______________________________ State:___________________ PC: _________________________ Fax: _______________________

Current Products: _________________________________________________________________

Current Marketing Yellow Pages [ ] Newspaper [ ] Radio [ ] TV [ ] Brochures [ ] Notes

Current Web Details

Current Website: ___________________________________________________________________

Proposed Web Site: _________________________________________________________________

Graded: Yes [ ] No [ ] Score: ________ No. Email A/c: _________ Gmail: Yes [ ] No [ ]

Hosting CO: __________________________________ Login: User ____________ Pass: ___________

Competitors: ______________________________________________________________________

Business History: ___________________________________________________________________

Business Groups or Associations: _______________________________________________________

Desired results of website: _____________________________________________________________

Proposed Web Site: ___________________________________________________________________

Package: Refurbish [ ] Parallel [ ] Brand New [ ] Has Content [ ] Has Graphics [ ]

Keywords: ___________, _________, _________, ___________, ___________, ____________

Best Selling Products: ______________________________________________________________

Ecommerce Required Yes [ ] No [ ] Training Required: Yes [ ] No [ ] No of Posts: [ ]

Separate Pages: [ ] Payment: Check [ ] Credit Card [ ] Direct Deposit [ ] CC Number: ______ ______ ______ ______
Exp: / Signature:_________________________

Package recommended: _________________________________________

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