Offline Marketing Strategies Revealed!

Or how I made $1500 from getting my laser printer cartridge refilled.

printerIn todays marketplace there are a lot of busineses with websites. Unfortunately they are created by web designers who have very little idea of how to market online.

Set up for Failure.

These web designers come out of magazines, newspapers, tv and radio where people pay thousands for advertising and then they translate this to the Internet. They create beautiful brochures that will never perform to the businesses expectations and charge a small fortune.

How I get lots of work just by talking to business people.

Today my laser cartridge ran out so I jumped on the net and did a search for laser cartridge refiller. Lots of sites but most were not close to me. I added my town and tried again but nothing.  I could not find one so eventually went to the yellow pages and looked in there to find nearly 10 close by.

For a business this is really bad as I now can see all the competitors and pick one at random.

The Conversation

I head over and get my cartidge refilled and after the sale I was heading out the door and  turned to the sales person to ask if he was the owner. He replied he was.

I said hows business and he said slow.

I said you did not ask me how I found you and this started up a discussion. I asked if he had a website and then moved on from there. I gave him a link to evaluate his site and we went through everything that was wrong with it.

That was it I walked out with the job and a cheque for $800 which was half deposit on refurbishing his site.

You see its more about taking an interest in the business than hard selling him a product.

Now thewy are not all this easy but they trend to follow the same format. Take a genuine interest in the owners and their business. You can easily generate $5,000 a week doing this simple method.

Get some mums or students to do some of the work for you and voila great business model.

Get some skills.

Now you do need some skills to then go back and do the work and that is where the IM Club comes in. We can teach you a lot of the skills so be sure to sign up for our course

For members here is the link to do a website grade to help you talk to your customers and we will do a tutorial inside to show you what it all means.


The course to interpret this will be in the marketing section.[/private]

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