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WordPress Backup

WordPress Backup Creator for Membership Sites, Blogs, and Sales Letters in One Click…

Then Restore Them Anywhere You Like

Testimony WordPress Backup Creator

Originally Posted by impact-productions

Just grabbed this Robert, thanks.

From what I can see in the description, WordPress BackUp Creator rolls together the features of several other well-known WordPress solutions, and yet you’re making it available at a fraction of the price of just one of these. A total win-win.

In fact, as someone who has purchased products of yours costing hundreds of dollars (and well worth the investment), this is probably the lowest price product of yours I’ve ever purchased!

One thing I like about all your software is the quality of the support and the updates, so if there ever are any changes of WordPress that affect the functionality of WordPress BackUp Creator, I know you’ll get these fixed and keep all your customers informed about what’s happening.

Very glad to have got in at the start, as (knowing your pricing strategies) I’m sure that WordPress BackUp Creator will be $97 (or more) before too long.

If you’re on the fence, make sure you take advance of the super low price for WordPress BackUp Creator and claim your copy of this powerful WordPress plugin now.


Make An Unlimited Number Of Backups with WordPress Backup Creator

So You Could Be Sure You Never Lost Any Part Of Your Blog Ever Again…

wordpress backup creator

Even “Copy” Your WordPress Installation To Any New Location…

So Setting Up A New Membership Site, Blog, Or Sales Letter, With The Exact Same Plugins And Settings, Is As Easy As Clicking A Button?

Order Your Copy Of WordPress Backup Creator Today

Mobile Website Logos Software

Create Mobile Website Logos with one click of a button.

Mobile Website Logos

1. Mobile Website Logos Snap Button

Simply Click the ‘Snap’ button to initiate a screen snap shot.

The screen will then dim slightly and your mouse cursor will change to a crosshair with a dimensions readout.

You can then click and drag the crosshair to capture any part of the screen you like. This tool is perfectfor capturing images or logos rom your dient websites.

2. Mobile Website Logos Snap Delay

This option allows you to add a delay (from 1 – 9 seconds) to the snap shot button that increases the delay between hitting the ‘Snap’ button and the screen dimming and the crosshair cursor appearing.

This is perfect for those really dark websites where it may be a little harder to see the cross hair cursor over the dark background.

3. Mobile Website Logos Canvas Dimensions

This allows you to set the width and height dimensions (in pixels) of the main canvas.

The default dimsensions are set at 320 pixels by 160 pixels.This is the perfect width for a standard mobile website logo but you can increase or decease that size to suit your needs

Minimum size is 24 x 24 pixels and maximum size is 600 x 600 pixels.

These are just a few of the any options.

For more information and download your

copy of  Mobile Website Logos go here.

Beginner Photoshop Video Tutorials

Photoshop Beginner Tutorials

Photoshop video tutorials

Photoshop beginner tutorials

Now all the graphics Artists will say that’s easy
and it is, however few will show how to do it
easily without all the graphics speak.

We made these Photoshop Beginner Tutorials for
teaching underprivileged youth so they could get
a better job or start their own businesses.

This means we assume you know very little
and present them in easy to understand English

photoshop beginner tutorials 3

Download your Copy Here

Photoshop Beginner Tutorials
by Web Marketing For Profit

Offline Marketing Secrets

Our Offline Marketing Secrets that benefit our clients and our bottom line!

This Offline Marketing Secrets report is all about how we create targeted content for our clients on a regular basis and also how we charge and optimize this technique for our own business.

This Offline Marketing Secrets report will take you
through the exact system we use to generate a constant
stream of ongoing income from our clients and
get them great listings.

I am surprised very few people use this technique
as it increases the customer value exponentially.

We all know that acquiring new clients is the hardest part of this business and yet if you already have some clients this will allow you to leverage their business and provide you with some great ongoing additional income.

We have been using this system for over 5 years
so it is proven and tested to work.
Offline Marketing Secrets

As you may have heard Google is changing the playing field by choosing content overSEO.

This means that those who concentrate on content will rise to the top of the search engines in the coming months.

Google’s head of search spam, Matt Cutts, announced as a side note during his panel at SXSW that Google is releasing an algorithm update specifically to target sites over doing their SEO.

Matt Cutts said this is Google’s attempt to “level the playing field” between webmasters that build quality content versus webmasters who are just really aggressive SEOs.

As I said we have been concentrating on content for our clients for years and every time google changes the rules our sites do better than before.

Content is the key to consistent good rankings and ongoing income!
This Offline Marketing Secrets report will show you how building content for your clients is a great way to generate ongoing income but once you have created the content you can then leverage it for a number of additional products for your clients.In this Offline Marketing Secrets report we will show you live examples of our clients not some dog and cat or fictious sites that we created just for this report.

How we upgrade clients through Our Sales Funnel

Using this system we have taken clients from a simple blog site to managing their whole Internt Marketing system with their hosting.

This should be the ultimate goal of all offline marketers.

Automated Systems Using WordPress

Our system is based around using wordpress and then automating a number of the processes so that our clients get the best listings possible. This Offline Marketing Secrets report will show you how we do this step by step.

We also use this system fort our own products and services and so can you.

What You Will Get With Our
Offline Marketing Secrets  Report

Page 1 – Introduction
Page 2 – Disclaimer
Page 3 – Contents

Offline Marketing Secrets Foundations and Introduction

Page 4 – Examples of what you can achieve
Page 5 – How it all started
Page 6 – Three ways of Using WordPress and content
Page 6A – Google says good ranking will be based on quality content!

Offline Marketing Secrets How To Set it All Up

Page 7 – Beginning the process setting up the automation
Page 8 – Key Phrases and content
Page 9 – Crafting the Content
Page 10 – Formatting the Post
Page 11 – Tags and Categories
Page 12 – SEO Listing and Call to action
Page 13 – SEO Listing Alternative
Page 14 – Publishing and Bookmarking

Offline Marketing Secrets Pricing and Leveraging your Content

Page 15 – Pricing and income
Page 16 – BONUS Leveraging your content for added profits
Page 17 – Resources

For A Limited Time We are Disclosing Our Offline Marketing Secrets
System That Leverages Current and New Customers Like Crazy
and Pays All The Bills!
All the rest is pure Profit

Using Artisteer mobile templates

Our new course on how to create Artisteer mobile sites

You will need to buy a copy of Artisteer

We have been using Artisteer for over three years and it has given us the advantage over our competition by allowing us to make custom themes for our customers. You can make unlimited desktop and Artisteer mobile themes for the one low price.

Utilize the great aspects of WordPress and Artisteer

We started some of the mobile frenzy last year with our Business Mobile Website product which helped entrepreneurs to start their own Mobile Website Business. Now there are hundreds of Mobile Products around many based on our training.

Now its time to introduce you to how we use Artisteer Mobile themes to create great looking Mobile Websites that can be run as a blog or a Content Management System using WordPress.

Mobile And Desktop Themes

The best thing about using Artisteer for your WordPress Content Management System is that you can create unlimited themes in all different designs and colors for yourself and your customers and retain the branding values for these sites.

Mobile Template no header
Graphics in Content 
Mobile Template Text header
Graphics in Content 
Mobile Template Image header
Graphic on every page 
Artisteer mobile template no header Artisteeer mobile text header artisteer Mobile site with image header

What Our Customers Say

Once our customers realize the power of mobile websites a few pages is just not enough so we needed to create a much more versatile system that would allow multiple pages and subpages, posts and categories.

WordPress is a fantastic Content Management System that allows us to do all this and more. We can add numerous plugins to extend the functionality of the mobile website and also generate added revenue through hosting their mobile website. We can also duplicate their color scheme for seamless integration.

Scan the QR Code For A Live Preview
Of One of Our Artisteer Mobile Themes

QR Code Mobile agazine

Our Mobile Magazine with one of the Artisteer Mobile templates

Artisteer Mobile Templates

There has been a lot of discussion about how to create Artisteer Mobile Templates and we have developed a system to do this.

Artisteer is not actually built to create Mobile Templates however with a little tweaking you can build great mobile templates with just a little tweaking.

It is not just a matter of making your templates 100% as this will not address the mobile platform. These are stretch and fit techniques so your site will fit all major smartphones.

Create Unlimited Pages and Posts

Once you create your Artisteer mobile templates and upload your new theme to WordPress and customize some settings you can create unlimited pages and posts in your new mobile website.

Create Artisteer Mobile Themes

Click Here

Contact us if you need help

Mobile Business Blueprint

Discover Our Fast, Effective and Proven Blueprint Of How You Can Build a Mobile Website Consulting Business That Spans The World.

I will show you all the little secrets that no one else will reveal that helped us
sell over 800 mobile sites last year.  Its all about lead generation.

In this set of tutorials I will be showing you the blueprint to exactly how I set up my Mobile Website Business and bring in customers from all over the world.

Its not about how to build the mobile sites rather than how to set up the business side.

In his book “Good To Great”, Jim Collins talks about how people have different attributes and about how to create change both personally, financially and corporately.

Basically how to go from good to great.

Over the last 12 months we have taught over 2000 people how to build mobile websites and the question we get asked all the time is how do you sell the sites, find customers, do you use contracts, what are the back-end offers etc.

Well this course will take you through all these aspects.

So what do you get

1. How to get customers – we use a number of different ways to get our customers and really have not seen many other Mobile Marketing businesses doing this. We ujse all the great attributes of the Internet and offline marketing to get a steady flow of customers.

2. Business Models – We use various business models and Mobile Website software to meet all the different needs of our divers customer base. You will find as you get started different seems of gold appearing in the marketplace so you need to be able to meet their various needs.

3. Pricing – Pricing varies on what the customer wants so we do a base site pricing structure then add modules for the different functions we offer. By doing this I can show you how to set your pricing and make it an easy process.

4. Selling Mobile Websites – While our system will show you how to get customers online we also do some face to face selling at shows, meetings and the workplace. We show some simple strategies that have worked for us. Its like selling a can of Coke a Cola for a dollar or adding ice and getting $2.50

5. Backend – Most successful businesses have a backend. You buy a car but they make more money selling spare parts, you have a restaurant but you also provide catering. Quite often you will make more off the backend that you will off the product.

6. Outsourcing – I am a firm believer in knowing how my business works however in transition and growth we use outsourcing to increase our capacity and sometime it works so well that we continue with it.

7. Discussion and forum – at the end of each tutorial is discussion where you add to the material and a forum to chat with other mobile marketers

8. Free SMS – How to set up free SMS campaigns for your customers This will bring in huge refferals and allow you to monetize the system

9. Bonus – I will show you how I set up this site and manage it.

The best thing about th course is that it is quick and to the point with no fluff and bubbles.

Follow our system then tweak it for your own business as no two businesses are the same.

Are you ready to start your own Mobile Marketing Business.
Just $19.99 will get your started

order mobile business blueprint

Or you can visit the site here

Mobile Website Icon Creator

If you are having trouble with graphics and making the navigation buttons or Icons for your mobile website then Maybe this will help.

If you have photoshop just add the PSD file and make any type of icon you want.

You can download it for just $10.00

Mobikle Website icons and tutorials

How To Make Money Selling Mobile Websites

At the end of 2010 I was researching mobile websites and boy did it get confusing.

See below for a special offer to reader of our blog.

User agents, building different sites for different phones etc. It is all too much

The Easy Way To Build Mobile Websites.

I got so tired I went and developed a whole new system called shrink and fit. Here let me show you how it works.

So now anyone can build a Mobile Website with just the ability to follow through my how to video tutorials.

I just finished the tutorial. That’s one VERY complete tutorial: building mobile sites; redirect scripts to automatically send users to the desktop or mobile versions; QR codes; a few sales tip; QR code tracking, etc. I see no stones left unturned for now (maybe I will by applying this but from first impression it’s quite complete!).

Very short videos too (I hate long ones personally), and many resources and explanations are in text/hyperlink format as well. Thumbs up! Professional all the way through.

Jay Rhome

Buy the complete system at

Enter the coupon code msifetch to get a 30% discount

How to do business market research

business market research

Knowing what your customers and competition is doing is all part of business market research.

In the old days business market research was a very expensive task. I used to work for a Public Relations company attached to Hanson Robinson McCann Erickson which was a large advertising agency. As part of our services we used to have to scan through all the different publications looking for news stories, adds and any information our clients requested. Thgis form of Business Market Research was called public relation and was very different to what it is today.

This had to all be done by hand and was a very time consuming operation.

On top of this we would also conduct various surveys and interviews, as part of the business market research, to try and get consumer feedback to see where our clients stood in the marketplace. This still happens today but at to a lot lesser extent.

The reason is that we can gauge what clients are looking for by their search habits, We can see what companies are doing with their websites and we can track our competition a lot easier.

Business Market Research

business market research

This is a screen shot for one on my small test sites and uses a great little plugin called a search meter.Basically what it does is compile a list from what people type in the search bar on this site. It tells us exactly what people are looking for so we can then go find those products to sell.

We can then also go into a program like Google Keyword tool to see if people are actually looking for those products.

This is part of the SEO not many people know how to utilize or implement and when you join The Internet Marketers Club this is just one thing you will learn to help in your business market research.

I am now off to get some articles on NLP, Publicity and Public Speaking.

So your business market research is no less important however with online tools it does not have to be so expensive or time consuming.

What to do with your Business Market Research

Once you know what people are looking for and you have your competition pegged you simply target those areas with good content and web marketing. You will probably find that some of the things you thought were important are not in your customers eyes.

Thats the power of doing good business market research.

To learn this and more business market research techniques then come join us at The IM Club.

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