Product Case Study

Complete Website Makeover – Video Training Tutorials

Tim Gross is a great Internet Marketer and in these set of videos he will take you through the whole process. He is going to take an offline product and turn it into an online product which you can do to.

He uses Photoshop a lot which is what I use mostly however just get the principles as you can use Photoscape for this also. Watch our videos here later.

Also I found a new product called floatbox which I am trialing for this set of videos.

If you have friends that have written books or have businesses you can create an online program for them using all the tutorials we provide in this course.

These are swf files so no controls and if you want to download them and watch you can use this free swf software. Just right click on the vodeos and save as then use the software to watch them. SWF Viewing Software

Includes: Evaluation, Sales Letter Rewrite, Web Design, Graphics Work, Press Release, & more…

1. Overview 9.24 min

2. Editing 4.19 min

3. Graphics Export 9.28 min

4. Remove Page Margins 5.01 min

5. Add Logo 6.41 min

6. Reviewing Graphics 10.17 min

7. Fixing Graphics Errors 6.55 min

8. Height & Width Settings 2.23 min

9. Organize Sales Letter 6.24 min

10. Adding Space To Page 6.23 min

11. Clickbank Overview 5.19 min

12. Clickbank Details 5.54 min

13. Starting with Clickbank 4.04 min

14. Approved in Clickbank 2.43 min

15. Completing Clickbank 4.18 min

16. Affiliate Page 5.39 min

17. Online Press Release 9.23 min

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