Product Research

This was submitted by Duncan and is a great way to find paying customers and products you can develop. The next couple of pages contain even more of his videos which are my private collection so please do not abuse them.

How can I find ideas for info products that are not related to “making money” or “internet marketing”?

Paid Question Search. The size of this video screen wize is large so use your F11 key to view full screen or in your menu go view/full screen.

Watch This Video First To See It In Action…

Here is the login information to the custom search engine:

Login Here

User: warriors

Pass: products08

(Case Sensitive Login)

You can use this little tool to brainstorm a Million Dollar Info Product Empirethis year…and not sell a single product related to “internet money making”!

New Video Added 08/22 – Going Beyond The Basics

– Jack Duncan

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