Skills are a key element to your online business.

Lots of people ask me how did I manage to set up my profitable online business and the answer is always I developed some skills.

In The Internet Marketers Club we concentrate on developing what we call CORE SKILLS.

Hosting and Web Development
Product Development
Search Engine Optimization
Marketing and Advertising
Graphics and Artwork
Media both video and audio 

These are the main core skills however once you know a little about each one you can then choose to specialize in one specific area. 

foundationsIts sort of like university where you develop the foundation skills then choose the area you want to specialize in.

Its not as Hard as You Think!

Its not about becoming a guru at each of these skills but having enough knowledge about each that you then have a foundation to launch from.  Most people can do this in a few months with a little direction.

Developing these core skills opens up a wider range of opportunities.

You are no longer dependant on other peoples programs to develop your income which become hugley diluted because everyone is doing the same thing.


Also because you now know how it all fits together you can wisley outsource various functions as you know what is involved.

Developing your own online business can be one of the most exciting ventures and with a little help and coaching you can develop all sorts of successful ventures.

Why not consider joining the IM club today and develop your core skills.



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