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Roadmap: Below I have listed all the main core skills pages as a roadmap to make it easier for you to navigate through the site.

The main way to start is to research your product then build your website aroundthat research. Your research should give you the idea for your domain and then keywords for articles and products. All the core skills can be developed into businesses of their own.

If your looking for a specific topic use ctrl + F to do a search.

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A. Overview

The very first thing to do is have a look at how the Internet works and all the possibilities available to you (a). Then we need to do a little house keeping and get organized (b).



B. Research (core skill)

The very first core skill you need to develop is research. Finding out what people are looking for and keywords they enter into the search engines will give you a lot better chance of succeeding.


2. keyword research

3. niche research.

4. Advanced

C. Domains and Hosting (core skill)

Once you have done your research you will need a domain and some hosting.

1. Domains

2. Hosting Overview

3. Joining the two together

D. FTP How to upload files to your server. (core skill)


E. How to laod WordPress, themes and Plugins (core skill)

1. Loading WordPress

2. loading themes

3. loading plugins.

4. creating themes

F. Graphics

There are 2 great free programs you can use for graphics.


2. Jing is a great program for screen capture


G. How to use WordPress (core skill)

This section will give you a complete over view and how to use the different aspects of WordPress.

1.  WordPress General overview of WordPress

2. Set Categories How to set up your categories

3. Back Up Plugin How to use the back up plugin

4. Customer Support How to set up an online form

5. WordPress SEO How to use the SEO plugin for better coverage

6. Add A Post How to write a post

7. Desktop Posting How to write a post with Bloigdesk

8. Add Pages How to write pages

9. Page Order How to arrange your pages

10. WordPress as a CMS How to set up WordPress as a Content Management System

11. Picture in Post & Pages Ho to add pictures to posts anbd pages

12. Add Links How to add links to your posts and pages

13. Sticky Posts How to set a sticky post

14 Additional Videos Videos from WordPress.

H. The General Core Skills (core skill)

1. set up a gmail account

2. Set up a Paypal Account

3. Learn some general graphics

4. Learn a bit about copywriting.

5. Creating Streaming Audio

6. Adding streaming audio

7. Adding public video

8. Adding powerpoint as video

9. Using autoresponders

10. Mals ecommerce

11. How to use skype

I. Product Creation (core skill)

1. Product Creation General overview

2. Brain Storming How to work out the correct product

3. Affiliate Products How to set up affiliate products

4. Product Research Pt1 Product research

5. Product Case Study

J. Marketing (core skill)

1. List building

2. using free offers

3. Autoresponders followup

4. Using public video to promote

5. Article marketing

6. Search engine optimization

K. General resources

1. Software for your business

2. Big Black book interesting read about a completely different aspect

3. Deadly Resources a huge range of additional resources

4. Free Traffic System A system you can use to promote your business.

5. Building Traffic another general overview of driving traffic

6. Jay Abrahams Videos some great teaching from one of the greats

7. Inbound Rave a very interesting rave about viral marketing

There are a lot of additional resources and things to learn in the blog and also some added pages which have not been listred above.

Any question please feel free to contact us.

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