Having a nice and original blog theme is very important if you want to distinguish from the crowd.

Download Artisteer Demo here

Get the PDF Manual here.

Send us your Artisteer .artx file and we will compile for you.

Yes I love this product and this site is an example of an Artisteer theme.

Unfortunately, designing a theme from scratch can be difficult due to a lot of variables to consider: header, sidebars, buttons, css and more.

There are a lot of free and not free themes available on the web, but the best ones are downloaded a thousand times every day… not exactly what I would call “unique”…

So I am going to introduce you a software able to create a quality WordPress theme in a matter of minutes, without any knowledge of HTML, Php, Css and so on.

It’s Artisteer and I am going to review it.

The most interesting idea about Artisteer is the “Suggest” button… you can let Artisteer suggest the whole theme, playing with more than 100 variables, or make it suggest only some features, such as typography, color schemes, buttons, menu and so on.


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