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How to add and customize your theme

The best way to get your theme is to use the Artisteer program and if you do not want to buy it let us compile it for you.

Below is a little more information and you can look through some of the free themes to get ideas however we do not provide any support with their use.

Themes help your site look good and add some eye candy you can add themes.

Here are the ones we mention in the tutorial. I have linked to them rather than give you the download as they are updated every now and then so you will be able to get the latest version.

Clean Copy –  Misty Look –  Durable –  Anaconda


So the theme we are going to use is called Clean Copy 1 Right sidebar. You can pick up the clean copy series Here There is a right, a left and a 3 column version.

Here are some different sites using the same theme so you can get the idea of how you can make one theme look different.

Photoshop TutorialsPLR ArticlesMercy MinistriesEncounter Olives

Another great place to find templates is http://www.romow.com/blog/ and http://wpthemes.info/ and of course the WordPress site itself http://themes.wordpress.net/

How To Upload A Theme

To load a theme you have to use a FTP program. In fact it is easier to use a FTP program for a lot of different things in WordPress.

FTP links your computer with your hosting server allowing you to transfer files. See the tutorial on FTP if you don’t know how to ftp to your site.

You will upload nearly all your files either in themes or plugins. In this case double click on themes.

Wp content

Most themes come in their own folder so just drag the folder into the themes folder and that’s it. You can actually upload a few if you want and then use the following process to see how they look.

Activating a theme

To activate a theme all you have to do is log into your administrator panel http://www.yourdomain.com/wp-admin and then go to Appearance.


You will see all the different themes you have uploaded. To pick a theme simply click on it. The theme you choose will always appear on the top. Now go to the top of your screen and open the page to see what your theme looks like.

Tip: I always right click the view in site and choose to open in a new tab. Then every time you do an update you can just hit the refresh button and see them instantly.

Changing the header graphic in most Free themes.

While looking at your theme in your new tab right click on the header graphic and it will have an option to view background image. Then right click on the image to get its size or even copy and pate into your favorite graphic editor. Look under graphics to see how to make a header.

Open up your favorite image editor, I use Photoshop, and create your new header.

Some themes have a header upload facility and some don’t. The ones that do mean you can simply click on the tab and upload.

Theme header

For those that don’t simply note the name of the image and where it is when you view the image in your browser. Make your new image and simply ftp over the old one to customize the look.

Image properties

This will usually be under themes/theme name/images

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