Keyword Research

Here is another way to do your research provided by James.

Once You now know that there is money to be made in your selected market, you need to also know how to get your website in front of your prospects. This means you need to know what terms people with problems, that your product caters, to are searching for.

The good thing about this is that there are numerous tools on the market today that can help you to achieve this. These tools are known as keyword tools and they keep a track of most of the keyword phrases that people uses when they are looking for information on the search engines.

For this we are going to use the free Google Keyword Tool Itself.

Step #1-
The first thing you should do is type in a general term that is related to your market. For example let’s use the weight loss market. So you could start with “fat loss


Look for key phrases with 3 or more words.

Step #2-
Copy all the key phrases with 3 or more words and save the to a notepad file.


Steps #3 Once you have done that paste all the keywords you copied back into the search box. Uncheck the ‘use synonyms’ box and then click ‘get ‘keyword ideas’


Step #4 Next you will select ‘exact’ to get a list of the exact search terms that people are searching for.


You will notice that the search numbers have decreased drastically. The reason for this is because we are getting more and more targeted to our audience and these terms are the exact phrases that potential customers are searching for.

Step #5- In this step we are going to find out what the competitions for each of our keywords are like. So we are going to copy each of the key phrases one by one and search for them in quotation “” in Google. This will give us an idea of all the other websites that have optimized their websites for the selected keywords.

Note the number of websites returned.

Now you are going to create a database of all your keywords and the exact searches and the number of competing websites.

Step #6- Open an excel document. Create 3 columns and label them keywordsexact searches and number of competing websites respectively. Repeat steps 5 and six above and record your results for all your keywords under each column in your excel document. (Note If you Have a keyword tool such as Micro Niche Finder this step will automatically be done for you.)

Step #7- Repeat step #1 to step #5 then record your result in the same excel document as in step #6.

Hint: in step #1 I started with the broad term “fat loss” now I can use “weight loss, lose weight, lose fat etc.“.

There are literally hundreds of keywords for every niche you can think of. Using my example of the weight loss niche here is a glimpse of what I came up with:


And this is just from the broad term “fat loss”. Just imagine the potential and you thought the weight loss niche was “too saturated“!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Step #8- This is the elimination step. We are going to get super targeted now. So go in your excel document and delete all the keywords that has more than 50,000 competing websites. Now you should have a list of some super targeted keywords that you can rank well in the search engines for. Cool eh J

Step #9 Select the keyword with the highest amount of searches for your main keyword. The trick will be to get your presell page (discuss later) to rank for your main keywords while getting your articles to rank for the other low competition keywords phrases. So in that way you are getting maximum traffic form all angles to your presell page which leads to your merchant’s page. And that should = $$$$

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