Niche Research

Niche-finderIn this video I’m going to show you how to find hot UNTAPPED niches just by spending a few minutes at an easy to do market research method which doesn’t cost you a penny. This was provided by a friend of mine Frank and he deserves a lot of credit for putting it together.

#1 – Frank is going to show you how to use a new(ish) search tool from Google to find high level niches where people are searching for products to BUY.

#2 – Frank will then show you how to dig a little deeper into that niche using the Google keyword tool to find a sub-niche that’s getting a reasonable amount of search each month.

#3 – On top of that he will then show you how to check the number of competing pages just by doing an ordinary Google search, so you can tell when a niche is worth pursuing.

#4 – And finally. Frank shows you how to select a good domain name based around your target product.

Okay, let’s get started. The links to the various pages will be below the video.



Google are literally telling you what people are searching for to BUY. And they’re categorizing it all up for you.

How can you go wrong?


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