Rather than repeat all the information and tutorials that Skype provides just download and add msincome as your first contact and you will be in contact with us.

Download Skype here

Here is the full users guide:

What can I do with Skype?

Skype is a fantastic program that will allow you to conduct interviews, make calls to friends and family and if you can spare a few dollars you can get skye in and make calls to phones and mobiles if they do not have skype.

The rates are very cheap however because I have skype you will be able to contact us for free.

Please be considerate as yes I do have a life so keep it short and to the point.

You can also add skype to your website so people can call you direct.

Product Ideas:

I have conducted many interviews on skype and created products around them. I have called eBay experts, accountants, video guys etc and interviewed then and saved the mp3 to distrbute on my site.

Once you get going you could also do video interviews using Camtasia. The possabilities are endless.

Although the video feature of Skype is rather straight-forward here are some how-to-instructions:

The following screenshots were taken using version 3.6 of Skype for Windows.
A quick guide for video on Skype for Mac can be found here.


To access the options enter the Tools-menu and select Options


In the options dialog select Video from the categories on the left hand side.

Check [v] Enable Skype Video and select your camera from the dropdown at the top.

You should see a preview of your webcam on the right hand side.

Double-click on the preview to switch to fullscreen and adjust your camera lens (if available and if your camera does not have auto-focus) to get a sharp picture for the current distance.

Use the Webcam settings to access the webcam’s own settings page.

Close the Skype video options afterwards.


Start a call with one of your contacts who is Skype-video-enabled as well.

If you haven’t activated [v] Start my video automatically in the video options (see Step 2 “Video Options”) you need to hit the Start My Video below of the avatar/other party’s video.

Wait some seconds for your camera’s transmission to start. You should now see your own video as a small picture in the lower right corner of the call tab.


To change the video layout use the buttons which appear when hovering over the video window.

Double-click inside the video window to switch between fullscreen and back


When in “video in window“-mode you can resize the window by dragging the border. This applies to the call tab-layout with the video in the main Skype window as well.

If you resize the window your own picture-in-picture will resize accordingly.


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