Your Site Set Up

If you are at this page you have registered your domain, set up your wordpress site and are now ready to add some eye candy and functionality.

1. Your Artisteer theme.

To do this we use a program called Artisteer to create your own customized theme.

What we need is the .artx file you create. We will then compile and send it to you so you can upload your theme.
Make sure you watch the video on using the FTP program. Rather than having to buy Artisteer you can use the demo and send me the artx file and I will convert and send back to you.

It will be in a zipped format so make sure you have an unzip program and if you dont there is one in the software section.

The how to upload your theme.

If you want to build your own header here is the tutorial.

Download your copy of Photoscape See Software

Download 110 transparent business images

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