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A great place to get your Sandstone products is from Sarkis Sandstone

Sydney sandstone Sarkis BrosTheir team comprises of highly-qualified stonemasons and monumental carvers that specialise in the domestic, commercial and public sectors – whether it be restoration work, cladding, landscaping or monumental designs, but to name a few.

They have recently completed the Emirates’ Wolgan Valley 6 star Eco Resort and they couldn’t be more proud of our workmanship.

Sarkis Bros. Pty Ltd. are always in pursuit of providing their valued customers with honest and reliable advice and service for all their sandstone requirements, all this whilst maintaining a competitive pricing strategy.

Because they are a family business, you can be assured that their Integrity, Honesty and Efficiency are the key to their success.


Sarkis Sandstone can provide sandstone in virtually any size, shape or finish.

From blocks cut to a specific size to ornate monuments and even entire houses, we can do it all. Simply contact us for a quote.

Just some of the custom services we can offer are:

• Blocks cut to any dimensions (30mm minimum)
• Any shape, be it precision cut or hand carved. This includes standard shapes, such as bullnose, bevelled and pyramid.
• Finishes (including Bird-peck, Rockfaced, Bush-hammer)
• Capping
• Cladding
• Tiling
• Pillars
• Monuments and Architectural features
• Feature and retaining walls
• Letterboxes
• Headstones

Sarkis Sandstone History

Sarkis Bros Pty Ltd was established in Sydney in 1993 by four hardworking brothers; John, George, Issa and Kozhaya.

However, it was their father, Antonios, who made his sons passionate about the beauty of natural stone and its applications as he founded a quarry back in his homeland in the early 1970’s.

The boys were working hand-in-hand with their Dad from a very early age and knew more about stonemasonry than the experts who frequented them for stone.

Initially, Sarkis Bros Pty Ltd worked on very small domestic projects. Soon, these satisfied small customers began spreading the word about the high degree of workmanship used by the brothers.

The rapid rate of growth saw the need for Sarkis Bros Pty Ltd to invest in state-of-the-art machinery to aid with the level of demand for our products and services.

Sydney Sandstone with
international know-how make Sarkis
Bros installers the best in the business.
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Sydney Sandstone

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