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The Best Social Bookmarking Software I have used.

I’ve been playing with some of the “automated” backlink tools on the market… With mixed results. Quick Purchase

I’ve used all of the usual suspects in the past (Bookmarking Demon, SENuke, etc.) and if you use them the right way they can be a pretty easy way to gain some fast backlinks and traffic, but a lot of people tend to go overboard and end up hurting their rankings more than they help.

Beyond that, there’s 2 major issues that really hurt people trying to take advantage of these tools…

The first one is PRICE. Most of this stuff runs anywhere from around $160 upfront, a lot of it runs over $100 a month, and that’s a big obstacle for a lot of people.

The second is TIME. Most of these tools take hours or even weeks to learn, and even when you figure out how to run them, the actual submissions aren’t 100% automatic…

Here’s a workaround to solve all of these problems.

-It’s inexpensive…

-It’s easy. It has a learning curve of literally about 10 minutes, and once you set it up it really does run  automatically, including automatic captcha entry , submissions, pinging…

It does it all in the background.

-It only focuses on high quality sites, meaning you won’t be building up a bunch of worthless spam links…

-It’s got some amazing training resources, including a complete guide to using it the right way as well as a members forum so even if you’ve never used software like it before you can get started with only the most effective linking strategies.

A lot of people are experiencing some pretty amazing results with it when other software has failed them in the past.

You can read the success stories on the website…

And if you want to grab a copy, you can use the coupon code WARRIOR to knock 10% off of the price…

Here is where you can get a copy of Social Book Marking Wiz

But it’s only good for 48 hours.

Check out what people are saying at Social Book Marking Wiz, and if it looks like something you’d like to try, use coupon code WARRIOR right above the download button.



P.S. One member is calling it “the most powerful tool in his arsenol”… Find out why at Social Book Marking Wiz and use coupon code WARRIOR for a 10% discount.

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