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How to do business market research

business market research

Knowing what your customers and competition is doing is all part of business market research.

In the old days business market research was a very expensive task. I used to work for a Public Relations company attached to Hanson Robinson McCann Erickson which was a large advertising agency. As part of our services we used to have to scan through all the different publications looking for news stories, adds and any information our clients requested. Thgis form of Business Market Research was called public relation and was very different to what it is today.

This had to all be done by hand and was a very time consuming operation.

On top of this we would also conduct various surveys and interviews, as part of the business market research, to try and get consumer feedback to see where our clients stood in the marketplace. This still happens today but at to a lot lesser extent.

The reason is that we can gauge what clients are looking for by their search habits, We can see what companies are doing with their websites and we can track our competition a lot easier.

Business Market Research

business market research

This is a screen shot for one on my small test sites and uses a great little plugin called a search meter.Basically what it does is compile a list from what people type in the search bar on this site. It tells us exactly what people are looking for so we can then go find those products to sell.

We can then also go into a program like Google Keyword tool to see if people are actually looking for those products.

This is part of the SEO not many people know how to utilize or implement and when you join The Internet Marketers Club this is just one thing you will learn to help in your business market research.

I am now off to get some articles on NLP, Publicity and Public Speaking.

So your business market research is no less important however with online tools it does not have to be so expensive or time consuming.

What to do with your Business Market Research

Once you know what people are looking for and you have your competition pegged you simply target those areas with good content and web marketing. You will probably find that some of the things you thought were important are not in your customers eyes.

Thats the power of doing good business market research.

To learn this and more business market research techniques then come join us at The IM Club.

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