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Start your own internet online business!

Online BusinessOver the next few weeks we are going to look at how you can set up your own Online Business.

Here at The Internet Marketers Club we have helped a lot of people set up there own online business and many businesses improve their sales and bring in new customers.

Choosing your online business!

You can sell pretty well anything online these days from simple digital ebooks, photos, software to houses, cars, DVD’s and much more. You can also sell other peoples products using various affiliate systems.

The key is to pick something you love because in the end this is what its all about. Not to exchange a job you don’t like for another job you hate.

You want an online business that you love. As you develop new skills all sorts of new options become available. Some of these may not even be applicable to what you learned directly or part of your over all goal. The thing is to stay open and be available for all these opportunities for your online business.

Those that fail to plan, plan to fail!

We have coached hundreds of people and over 90% of them have tried to set up their own online business before and failed miserably. The main reason is that they did not plan and stratergize. They jump from one system or program to another but never develop any skills. You can’t become a plumber, mechanic, doctor or pretty well anything without doing some sort of skill based training.

Thats why this course is more about developing your skills than a quick money making scheme. By developing your skills you will build in longevity to your business.

My Online Business Story

12 years ago I was working for an International Aid Organization as an accounts clerk. My boss wanted me to build a website in my downtime so I got to work and did a course and asked lots of questions. In those days it was very expensive and very few people who would teach me or had online businesses.

It was a lot of hit and miss but got it together in the end and the site did very well. Consequently lots of people then asked me to do their sites to however I loved my job so I wrote my first ebook explaining exactly what I did. I sold hundreds of copies and so started my online business.

What I learned also catapulted me into the IT dept and a better salary so what you will learn is not just for online success.

5 years later when the organization changed management I was offered to go back to the accounts dept or take a  redundancy package. ASs my business was norw doing quite well I took the package and have not been back to work since.

By the way one of my first clients in my online business (an opportunity) was that very organization as they replaced many of the experienced people with University people thinking this would lift their profile. The problem was the replacments were great at the technical stuff but never learned Internet Marketing at UNI as there were no courses on it.

So where do you start to build an Online Business The key is to fulfill a need. Find something that people want and then develop your product or service from there. It all starts with research which we will look at in the next post. To keep up to date with these posts subscribe to our RSS feed either with your RSS feed reader or by email. Alternatively join our coaching program now and get started. Join The Internet Marketers Club Today This product is supplied by MSIncome

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