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Free video player for almost any video format

The cross-platform open-source multimedia framework, player and server

Many times when online you will download a video or audio file. Maybe you like listening to your favorite cd or perhaps watch a dvd on your computer.

The trouble is most times you will have yo use different players for different formats.

Untill now.

VLC media player is a highly portable multimedia player and multimedia framework capable of reading most audio and video formats  as well as DVDs, Audio CDs VCDs, and various streaming protocols.

The old name “Video LAN” also unveils another important feature: The VLC Media Player can be used as a Streaming Server or Client and thus is able to provide almost any video or stream via network. Furthermore it is notable that the VLC is compatible to almost any platform – Windows, Mac OS, Linux or BeOS – and can be run without an installation.

VideoLAN started as a student project at the École Centrale Paris, with the goal of developing a general-purpose media player that could handle audio, video and streamed content. The main result of this project so far is the VideoLAN Client (VLC) Media Player, currently in version 0.8.6.

Think of something like Windows Media Player on steroids and you’ll be part way to VLC. It can play most kinds of common audio such as OGG, MP3, WAV and WMA, and most kinds of video such as AVI, MPEG and WMV, but it goes further than that. Key among its advantages is that you don’t need a separate codec such as WinDVD or PowerDVD to play DVD movies and there are versions of VLC Media Player for most common computing platforms.

The program in its default form looks innocuous enough, like one of the mini skins for Windows Media Player; you just don’t get all the pop-ups saying it needs a codec for MP4, FLAC or Raw DV. These are also covered by default in the VLC player and new formats are being added all the time. The latest update added WMV9 and Flash video.

Download your copy here.

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