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What business can you set up on the internet

Setting up an online business can be rewarding and profitable. The IM Clu can help you in your quest and here are just a few different businesses you can start with.

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45 Different online Business Ideas

1. Creating Your Own Product: This could be an e-book related to any topic. You can also offer a study course complete with CD’s and DVD’s.

2. Affiliate Marketing: If you are not interested in running your own website you could become an affiliate of almost any product from software to credit cards and sell the product with Google Adwords, Squidoo, Twitter, Ezine Articles, and Hubpages by writing product reviews.

3. Copywriting: In my opinion this is a great skill to have because most internet marketer realize that without a great sales letter a good product will fail in the marketplace.

4. Graphic Design: If you have the ability to create powerful graphics you could start a website that offers design services to other people on the web. As an example you could specialize in logos, e-book covers, album covers, business cards, headers and footers.

5. Survey Sites: What better way to make a steady stream of than to fill out survey forms. Companies today thrive off of quality information related to their products and services and will pay good money for this feedback.

6. Audio Specialist: Whether you have a background in audio engineering or just a love for anything technical, online and offline business owners will pay to set up audio for webinars, seminars, teleseminars and general audio editing.

7. Video Specialists: If you’ve always dreamed of being a movie director or just working in film, this is a great way to focus your talents on a market that has gone video crazy and people are always looking for video specialist whether online or offline.

8. Teleseminars: If you are a great facilitator and speaker you could organize teleseminars for your niche’s top players.

9. Blogging: That’s right! If you like to write blogs on just about any topic why not get paid for it. Owners of some of the world’s most popular blogs are making tons of money from advertising spots on their blog.

10. Service Website: If you have a great idea, offer a service to your niche that they can’t live without like aWeber or Get Response. These companies provide email and auto responder services to businesses.

11. Search Engine Optimization: Most website owners have heard of search engine optimization but have no clue what it is. SEO is the practice of optimizing a website by improving the content quality, graphic images, and inbound/outbound links. If you have this skill people will pay you.

12. Hosting Service: If you have the money to invest in dedicated servers you could offer hosting packages to people who have websites. You can also become an affiliate of hosting companies as well.

13. Voice Overs: While some of us were born with mono-tone voices others were born to sing and speak publicly so why not get paid for it. Many businesses online and offline search for voice-over talent to do their infomercials, commercials and general hosting.

14. JV Broker: If you have built a viable list of business owners that compliment each other then why not put that information to good use help them to do business together. You can receive up to 25% for just structuring the deal as a joint venture broker as well as a percentage of the sales.

15. Consulting: Online and offline businesses are looking for competent people to help them guide their online efforts. If you are knowledgeable in this area why not get paid for it.

16. Information Technology: Businesses all over the world are willing to pay top dollar to people that can help them with their infrastructure and reporting. They also need help during major product launches and hire specialist just to monitor their system from any unforeseen occurrences.

Now that I have explained some of the best ways to make money online we can now get into the meat and potatoes of the book.

17. Forum Moderator: If you love investigative work and like to track down the bad guys then join a forum as a moderator to stop spammers and build a viable community of site members.

18. Get Paid To Post: Webmasters pay anywhere from $0.05 – $0.30 cents for people to post in their forum to kick start it and make it into a popular forum.

19. Document Translation: If you speak multiple languages you can offer translation services for website owners and get paid

20. Tester: If you have the ability to see bugs in a system and fix it then software and gaming companies would love to pay for your services.

21. Become A Link Broker: One of the major ways to increase a websites performance is by linking with other websites. You can become the middleman in connecting webmasters that want links and webmasters that sell links.

22. Software Writer: If you have the ability to write software you could write software and sell it to one or multiple people. Essentially you would be a ghost software writer.

23. Build A Search Engine: Google provides a powerful API tool that allows people to build search engines around niche markets.

24. Ebay: In case you’ve been under a rock for the last decade this is great way to sell junk in your house as well as wholesale products online.

25. Stock Photos: Are you a photographer? Well why not get paid for every photo you take. Sites like iStockPhoto, USASearch and StockExpert will allow you to open an account and sell your photo to thousands of websites.

26. Google Referral Program: Do you like to drive off the beaten path? Well why not get paid for finding new routes to you favorite place. Google will pay you to take pictures of the location of businesses and verify their information.

27. Social Bookmarking: Many people make post in forums like Digital Point for someone to do social bookmarking on sites like Stumble and Digg.

28: Give Away Free Stuff: If you have a website and a list why not give them free stuff. Companies like RevResponse and Hydra Network will pay you to give away free products.

29. Virtual Assistant: If you are good at research companies will pay you to do the work they don’t have time to do. Check out for more information.

30. Answer Tech Questions: If you are a techie by nature then why not get paid for you knowledge. is a place that allows people to set a price for the answer they are looking for.

31. Application Installer: If you are good with installing application there are tons of people that have no clue how to do it. Start a website that offers a service to install software.

32. Will Pay: Become a guide with in your area of expertise you and get paid from a portion of their ad revenue.

33. Review Software: Get paid to write reviews about the latest software on the market. You can do this by joining called where they pay for the truth.

34. Unused CPU Cycles: If you own a computer why not get paid for it. Join a site CPU Shares where they allow you to get paid for the unused cpu cycles.

35. Start A Domain Registrar: Start your own private label domain registrar site by signing up with TuCows. They will pay you for each initial sale and renewals.

36. eBay Copywriting: If you are good at writing sales letters go to eBay and look for high priced items that lack sells due to a bad description. Contact the seller and let them know you can re-write their description and increase their chances of selling the product of a 1 to 2% per cent fee.

37. eBay Arbitrage: Go to Craigslist and locate the top selling items. Pay close attention to the selling price and then go to eBay and contact a powerseller to see if you can sell their products using local classifieds and Craigslist.

You can also set up a website to capture emails and credit card information for these products and then go to eBay and buy it for less substituting your address for the buyers.

38. PLR Products: Private-Label-Rights content is written information that is offer to a select number of people. By re-writing this material it can be used to create e-books, e-course and audio products if read and recorded properly

39. Buy and Sell Websites: This is often referred to as website flipping. You can by websites that have a considerable amount of traffic and sales. Rewrite the sales letter, redesign the traffic, add expert testimonies and put a for sale sign in the window.

40. CPA Networks: Join as many performance based CPA networks as you can and drive traffic to the offers you have decided to push.

41. Selling Leads: Generate leads from affiliate offers by capturing the information before passing it on to the affiliate and when you have enough leads sell this information to wholesale lead companies that offer no admin fees.

42. Social Media Planning: A lot of companies have websites but that’s where their web presence stops. Contact local businesses in your area and offer social media planning which includes advertising and account set up.

43. Royalty Free Music: If you are a musician or a lover of music why not create a database of music and sell it to production houses that have a need for production music. You can also sell public domain music if you are willing to build a professional looking website.

44. ClickNWork: Get paid $5 – $150 per hour for doing freelance work. This does require you to take a test to be accepted.

45. T-Shirt Design: If you are a graphic artist why not design t-shirts and hats and sell them on CafePress.

A little online business on the side!

barbecueI had some good friends around for dinner the other evening. During the social dinner conversations, one of my friends mentioned the interest on investment accounts on offer with the banks at the moment.

She had $10,000 to invest and was happy with an interest rate of 4.75%. The best “at call” rate she had found after much research with financial institutions. She was after a safe investment during these uncertain times.

The stock market or property investment was not her cup of tea.

Another of my friends responded, “I wish I had the spare $10,000 to invest in the first place!”. He went on to say that how difficult he found it to save any money after paying his bills each week. (Something you hear all the time)

Later that night, I thought about what my friends had said and their financial mindset on money matters.

My friend had put her efforts into ringing around and visiting the many financial institutions in town. She was happy to find that she could get an extra 0.25% on her money!

So instead of getting $450 in interest on her ten grand for the next 12 months, she would now be receiving $475…. Big deal….

An extra $25 for the year!

What a waste of time and energy if you think about it!

Even on a $1,000,000, an extra 0.25% per annum won’t make a huge difference to your lifestyle…. It’s still only $2,500.

My other friend on the other hand would love to have an extra $10,000 to invest. However, his day job does not allow him to save enough to “get ahead”.

But…. He possesses a crucial ingredient that can earn the extra money he desires…. The ingredient is…. His “spare time”.

Without changing or giving up your “day job”, asking for a pay rise, or finding a second part time job….

The average PC literate person can earn a substantial extra income from home just by selling simple information products they create themselves based on what they “already know” and all in their spare time.

Marketing information…. Information people want, in the form of ebooks, ebooklets, special reports, audio tapes, video’s and CD-roms is still the best home based Internet business you can start.

It’s as true today as it was four years ago on the Internet.

Earning an extra $10,000 is not unrealistic for the average part-timer on the Internet today in this business.

People often ask me if it is really possible to earn decent money on the Internet if you only have a few spare hours in a day to devote to your online business. Surely the law of business prohibits you from “gaining a lot for very little”?

Here is the key that many people new to online business MISS….

You might only work 2 spare hours a day on your little Web business BUT your Web business (your website) WORKS FULL TIME 24 hours a day for you!… This is the reason why it does not take much of your time and yet can return far more than an hourly wage for the ACTUAL hours you put in.

Having a well-constructed website that sells for you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year on “autopilot” is like having an “electronic employee or salesman” working for you and presenting your product perfectly every time.

It’s a business that works unmanned… Like a shop that never closes.

You may have heard the cliché… “Make money while you sleep” and thought…. That’s pure BS!

The reason way you can make money while you sleep is “TIME ZONES”. This may seem obvious. But you’d be surprised how many people have not thought of this.

While it’s night in the Southern Hemisphere… It’s daylight up north. And vice-a-versa. The other half of the world are awake and visiting your website while you sleep. Your online business might be small but is on view to the whole global online community for 24 “waking” hours each day.

Nothing is as exciting than waking up in the morning, firing up your PC, logging on and retrieving email notification of credit card orders made during the night!…. 2 years in this business, and it still is a thrilling experience. It’s a great feeling of achievement, knowing that the few hours you spent in the evening before working and marketing your little online enterprise has paid off.

But you know…. It’s not just the money you make, i’ts about establishing something else….A “safety Net” in hard times….

We live in uncertain times… Of war and global economic downturn. Companies are downsizing both large and small. Employees are losing their jobs in the thousands each week….

Could you be next?

How many of your friends or people you know have had the “pink slip” fly their way? Nobody is immune nowadays. Give it some thought.

Learn to look for the danger signs if you work for a large organization. For example if your share price has been falling and remains very low for more than 6 months with little movement. It’s time to re-evaluate your future with the organization.

If you work for a small business, and there are cash flow problems, or no new staff being put on to replace those that have left. These are warning signs that indicate trouble may be ahead for you.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have an additional source of income rolling in should you lose your job tomorrow? Would it help to keep the “wolf from the door”?… A safety net?…

A little online business on the side.piggy-bank1

A small insurance policy should the worst happen.

Nobody can retrench you from your own business. A business that can never go broke either…. You can even set up a free website and perform zero cost marketing promotions. Zero overheads. Maximum profits.

That’s how I started and you can do the same.

Even in hard times…. War, Anthrax scares, recession, have not effected my online business. Sales may not have increased, but they have not declined.

You may also think that you need “talent”, writing skills and a certain level of education to succeed in running an online information product business. Not so, the world is full of educated and talented failures. What you do need however is “persistence” and a dogged determination to succeed.

Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educated failures.

Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent.

My father taught me this at an early age. He was a prized boxing champion in the British armed forces in his younger days. He never lost a fight. He retired undefeated after a long career. Yet he was not the best boxer in the regiments.

However he had the one quality other boxers fear….

He would never give up, even when knocked to the mat time after time, he would bounce right back up again. He had determination and persistence and the will to win so badly, which gradually wore his opponents down, round after round until they eventually tossed in the towel in exhaustion.

That my friend is the key to success in anything you set out to do in your life. Too many people give up too quickly, at the first sign of obstacles.

Success often comes after failure…

After being “knocked down”, when you think you’re beat.

Is running an online business easy?

No it’s not. There are more who fail than succeed. That’s the truth. It’s no different to running a business in the real world. Many online marketers won’t tell you the truth.

(That’s why those who know me online call me the “honest” marketer).

It was reported in Bloomberg News, that only 27% of U.S. small businesses with a website use the Internet to sell their products, and of these they average fewer than three online orders per month.

Your online business will be different. You will be selling your own unique information products. Your own creations. You will not be trying to compete with offline businesses all selling the same brands or the large “dot coms” who have failed miserably for very different reasons.

So if you don’t have spare money to invest, like my friend did, don’t worry, 12 months from now you will have much more than my other friend who has invested her money to earn a measly interest of $475!!

You could have the same $10,000 plus interest from investing your “spare time” instead.

So next time you put your feet up in your spare hours, consider investing some of those hours up online!

Quentin Brown has been helping people build online businesses for nearly 10 years and provides a wealth of knowledge and expertise for those who are technically challenged but want to make use of new technology without spending a fortune.

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