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How to make awesome Videos with your iPhone 4 or 4s and 5, iTouch or iPad

Over the last few weeks we have been making videos with our iPhones and ITouch thanks to a great course by Jules.Watkins who is a professional TV producer and Camera man. We have been doing this for ourselves and our customers.

If you own an iPhone 4 or 4s, iTouch or iPad then you need to check out the World’s first iPhone Video training programme!

Go here to get it.

Go here to get it.

The are plenty of samples for you to see how great this is.

Former MTV and BBC TV Director Jules Watkins has created a video based course that will show you how to make awesome videos using your iPhone. Jules has directed hit TV shows including The Biggest Loser and Pimp My Ride and knows a thing or two about how to make videos that attract a following.

The videos he has made on his iPhone for this training will stun you!

If you are an entrepreneur, biz owner or just want to make better videos with your iPhone then you need to watch Jules’ video at iPhone Video Hero.

Go here to watch it.

Sample Iphone Video

FAQ’sI’m going to buy the New iPhone 5 will the training still work?YES As soon as I get mine I’ll be adding new training as a FREE UPDATE!

I only have an iPad, can I make good videos with it?

YES The iPad 2 and the New iPad shoot great video (I cover this inside). You can use the best Apps and many of the same accessories as an iPhone owner.

I have the latest iPod Touch will your training be good for me?

YOU BET the iPod shoots video at 720p just like the iPhone 4 and you can access all the cool Apps and accessories.

o here to watch it. iPhone Video Hero …

Pro Quality

How to get $2,000 quality out of your iPhone’s Video Camera so your Videos shine on screen! (Hold off on that heavyweight Pro-cam!)

Get Steady

How to keep your iPhone rock steady even when you are handholding.


Lighting can make or break your videos – I’ll show you the best low cost solutions. You’ll be able to add sparkle to your Videos by learning step by step from my own setup.

Sell More

Want to make clean looking sales and blog videos? Create that famous Apple white background look with your iPhone! (Download my own lighting plan)

Filming Yourself

No flip-out screen – No problem! You’ll find out how to film yourself and see how good you look at the same time :)


Revealed: The little known accessories that will allow you to capture crisp audio on your iPhone using an external microphone.

Video testimonials

Win more business by shooting attention grabbing customer testimonials. See how I help a fitness trainer shoot a testimonial. (You also get my cheat sheet – the questions you MUST ask your clients!)

Up Close

Up Close & Personal. How to film a small physical product. Perfect if you are an e-tailer or an inventor and want to promote your products using the power of video marketing.


My step by step guide to the best Video Apps in the App store. Handpicked by me so you don’t waste time and cash on the bad ones!

Make a Video Ad in minutes!

Make a live action Video Promo or Directory Listing using a free under the radar App. Hint: Clients will pay for a Video like this!

iMovie Mogul

My easy editing guide to iMovie on your iPhone/iPad will get you up and running fast.

Accessories Guide

You get my comprehensive and insanely popular accessories guide so you don’t spend $$$ buying the wrong gear!

NEW! iPad Love

Want to shoot video on your iPad? I’ll give you some killer tips to max out your videos!

Social Sharing

The fastest ways to get your videos seen on facebook and YouTube.

Free Music

Quality Free Music to download and use in your Videos, on Youtube or on your website. (Requires a credit)

Plus More!

Over 3 hrs of high value, laser focussed content including my EXTRA 3 Special Bonuses you’ll discover below.

 Go here to watch it.
This program is for you! The Internet Marketer

Video Marketing is hotter than July and you need to create a stream of Video content – FAST. You don’t want to invest in expensive equipment right now but you want your Videos to look professional so that you sell more. Your clients need Video and you want to make extra money by offering Video Services or showing them how to make their own Video content.

The Blogger

You want to grow your readership in double quick time and you know pushing out Videos can bring people back to your site via facebook and YouTube. Other bloggers are doing Video and you want to get started ASAP. But you want to keep it lean and use the portable tools you already own to maximum effect.

The Entrepreneur

You know more than anyone that Video is now essential if you want to succeed online. You need excellent Videos to get more email opt-ins and to sell more of your products & services. You see how others in your niche areusing Video to build their personal brand and create Video products and you want to learn new Videos skills quickly without the overload.

The Business Owner

Everyone is talking about the benefits of using Online Video and you want a piece of the action! You need to build your presence and rankings on YouTube and Google and raise your profile on Social Media.

Your goal is to make videos showing your business in action or demonstrate physical products. But, you don’t want to blow 1000?s on Pro-Videos before you see results.


“I made the training very much over the shoulder and easy to watch, whilst being educational. You actually see what I see. I went out and filmed real biz owners who knew they needed videos but weren’t sure how to make them and didn’t want to spend a tonne of money paying a pro like myself! My goal was to show publicity hungry entrepreneurs they already have an amazing tool in their pocket for creating web videos – their iPhone!”

“iPhone Video Hero is action packed training. From how to shoot better vlogs and promos including stabilising tricks, economical lighting set ups and how to capture crisp audio with external microphones. I also show you how to make effective customer testimonials and how to make a high value Video Advert with an app that edits your footage for you!”

Go here to watch it.

Hope you like this as Video is becoming very inmportant to any marketer, business or Offline Consultant. Quentin

 Iphone Video

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