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Mobile Website Logos Software

Create Mobile Website Logos with one click of a button.

Mobile Website Logos

1. Mobile Website Logos Snap Button

Simply Click the ‘Snap’ button to initiate a screen snap shot.

The screen will then dim slightly and your mouse cursor will change to a crosshair with a dimensions readout.

You can then click and drag the crosshair to capture any part of the screen you like. This tool is perfectfor capturing images or logos rom your dient websites.

2. Mobile Website Logos Snap Delay

This option allows you to add a delay (from 1 – 9 seconds) to the snap shot button that increases the delay between hitting the ‘Snap’ button and the screen dimming and the crosshair cursor appearing.

This is perfect for those really dark websites where it may be a little harder to see the cross hair cursor over the dark background.

3. Mobile Website Logos Canvas Dimensions

This allows you to set the width and height dimensions (in pixels) of the main canvas.

The default dimsensions are set at 320 pixels by 160 pixels.This is the perfect width for a standard mobile website logo but you can increase or decease that size to suit your needs

Minimum size is 24 x 24 pixels and maximum size is 600 x 600 pixels.

These are just a few of the any options.

For more information and download your

copy of  Mobile Website Logos go here.

How To Make Money Selling Mobile Websites

At the end of 2010 I was researching mobile websites and boy did it get confusing.

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User agents, building different sites for different phones etc. It is all too much

The Easy Way To Build Mobile Websites.

I got so tired I went and developed a whole new system called shrink and fit. Here let me show you how it works.

So now anyone can build a Mobile Website with just the ability to follow through my how to video tutorials.

I just finished the tutorial. That’s one VERY complete tutorial: building mobile sites; redirect scripts to automatically send users to the desktop or mobile versions; QR codes; a few sales tip; QR code tracking, etc. I see no stones left unturned for now (maybe I will by applying this but from first impression it’s quite complete!).

Very short videos too (I hate long ones personally), and many resources and explanations are in text/hyperlink format as well. Thumbs up! Professional all the way through.

Jay Rhome

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