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Personal Development

quentin-brownLots of people ask me how much time do I spend building my Internet Business.

The truth is I do not spend a lot of physical time doing it at all but I enjoy what I do so much that I spend a lot of time reading and helping others.

In fact if I did not have to pay bills or won the lottery I would do it for free because it is what I love doing.

A friend told me the other day I had to write more to sell and less touchy feely stuff. That I gave too much!

Now I am not saying this to convince you this is a great program (which it is) but it really cut into me because I like to feel appreciated and accepted like everyone else.

Quite often I feel quite alone because all the so called Guru’s concentrate on making money and every time I try to follow, something inside me doesn’t feel right.  I know a lot of them personally from conferences etc and realized I had began to idolize them which is never healthy.

So in the end I have given up trying to do what everyone else says works and I want to concentrate on the people rather than the sale.

The Power of Decision.

I always find it amazing that when you make a decision things come your way that then support that decision. I think if they didn’t then I would question the decision I made.

So to that end as soon as I decided to change my way of thinking along came this email encouraging me to read this post by Steve Pavlina. It was all about the importance of content and who you are writing your online content for. I will give you the link at the end.

Why did I start this Project?

I started this project initially to help a buch of orphans I met in  Thailand to develop their skills so they could  get a job or better life style. Again I do not mention this to get kudos but to encourage you to have something bigger than your own personal gratification.

When all we do is look for money or personal gratification we end up failing because they are not good motivators. When the pressure hits, which it surley will, then most give up.

Having a deep desire to be able to help more of these orphans is what drives me on and in those days when I throw my hands in the air and say what the use, I remember the faces of those young guys and girls I helped and chat with often on skype.

More to come!

Over the coming months I am going to be sharing a lot of what I go through, my successes and failures, What I look at and the sites I visit, so you can get a better insight into the life of an Internet marketer. Working from home definitely has its challenges and many want the dream but do not quite realize what that truly means.

I believe that most of us are like the rest of us and I am starting to find a whole group of people that have a common interest in being more about change and higher quality than jusy get rich quick schemes.

Till next time.


Ps: here is the article by Steve Pavlina. Its long but worth the read.

And of course I love video so I went out and found one for you.

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