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Self Education Grows Wealth

“Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune.”
– Jim Rohn


10 years ago I did a course on Internet Marketing to educate myself to open up my opportunities and soon after that I was able to leave my job and work from home. The IM Club is about you learning new skills many of which you cannot get in a formal education.

As you develop new skills all sorts of new options become available. Some of these may not even be applicable to what you learned directly or part of your over all goal.

John was one of our students and did our course but was not much good at selling online. John was a truck driver and wanted to get out of driving as he is getting quite old. We set up a test site for him to try out the different things he was learning. This site was based around the trucking firm he worked for.

He was getting quite depressed about his progress however was writing posts etc on the various selling points for the company. A few months after starting the course he was rung up by a company who saw his site and ended up getting a huge contract for his employer.

Because of this the company put him on as the online marketer and he has been able to stop truck driving and gets paid more from doing what he learned.

It is important when you start educating yourself not to limit the possibilities. We have many other stories like this and all stem out of the fact that these people took action and developed new skills. Some have done very well online whereas others have used the skills to develop other business strategies.

If your interested in developing your online skills come join us in The Internet Marketers club.

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