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Automatic Social Bookmarking Software

automatic-social-bookmarkingOver the past few months I have been doing a lot of Search Engine Optimization work and part of this is submitting articles and posts to Social Book Marking site.

Submitting by hand.

You can see at the bottom of this post there is a link for you to social bookmark this site and I have been using the same link to submit by hand. Obviously going through and doing this manually can take a lot of time till I found Social Bot version 4.

How SocialBot V4.0 Works For You

SocialBot V4.0 is a Windows Program that’s easy to use and performs all of the mundane tasks that are involved in Social Bookmarking.

It allows you to automatically submit your sites and pages to any number of social bookmarking sites.

In a nutshell, you enter a domain, SocialBot V4.0 spiders it and builds a list of web pages to bookmark and then it submits them to the Social Networking services you’ve got accounts with. At the present time, we support 54 of the most popular Social Bookmarking Services as well as unlimited Scuttle sites.

You can easily add your own bookmarking sites.

The Down Side of using this software.

The time it takes to sign up for all the sites and also deleting ones that have closed down can take quite a while however once it is all done the submission process is streamlined and fast.  For example I social bookmarked this post in just 5 minutes which would have taken 2 hours with the manual method.

The Up Side of using this software

The beauty of Social Bookmarking lies in how Social Networking sites aggregate your links in a central location, accessible to other users through the use of Tags (keywords) that you decide are appropriate and not a search engine! Others in your community may rate your pages based on it’s quality and usefulness, which can create an endless cycle of traffic.

Being able to automate your social bookmarking tasks is fantastic.

To read a little more about the software and download your copy go to our sales page.

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