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Video Training

There are a lot of great sites around that will introduce you to video for the web.

Videos can be a powerful medium and there are companies in the marketplace that have built most of their marketing around public video.

This is somehting that has shocked a lot of the traditional thinkers and yet it is proof that the market place is changing.

Here is a video from a company called Blendtek.

Blendtek has been one of the leaders in this field and with small budget movies they have revolutionized the way we think about marketing.

How can you make movies.

If you want to learn more about how to create low budget movies there is a great site with lost of helpful tips and ticks called Digital Juice.

And here is their company site with lots of extra tutorials and products.

So there you have it.

Make your own video clips on a minimum budget.

For editing the end video I use Sony Vegas.

Show us your movies.

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