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Graphics Editor for WordPress

Graphics in your web page are mainly used to add eye candy but what if you could have a nice WordPress image editor right inside your admin page?

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So thats the software and it is a great price however there is a little more to it when using the added wordpress image editor.

To really make this work for you make sure you also add this information to your graphics.

Step 1  For you Wordpress image editor

Use the wordpress graphics editor to pick and add your graphics. Then use some of the functions to improve the look etc and add to your content.

Step 2 for your Wordpress image editor

Once it is added click on the graphics to see your options and go and add a great alt text utilizing your keyword or phrase that you are targeting for the content.

Make sure the keyword or phrase is the same as you use in the text of your content for great SEO.

After purchasing Image Presser they have available after purchase a Pro Version, where you can also have Pinterest user interaction, Wikicommons Image search and inserting of images and auto posting to media sites.

Huge features here…At the moment it is around $40 for the developer license and $20 for the multi site licence.


If it does not meet your high expectations, then within 30 days let us know and we will refund your full purchase price.

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