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The IM Club Newsletter Issue 1


Welcome to our first issue of the IM Newsletter
by Quentin Brown

As I was driving home today from a meeting I was listening to a science program on the radio.

It was about how three monkeys in a room and how they had also placed a bunch of bananas at the top of a pole in the room. On this pole close to the top was a sprinkler and every time the monkeys climbed up the pole and reached for the bananas the sprinkler would spray them with a cold jet of water.

Over a period of time the monkeys simply gave up trying to get the bananas. They then took one of the monkeys out of the room and introduced a novice who had not been trained. They also turned off the jet so they could now reach the bananas.

When the novice went to climb the pole the other two trained monkeys pulled the novice down. After a while they then took out another of the experienced monkeys and introduced another novice. The same thing happened. Finally they took the only remaining trained monkey out of the room which left three novices.

Can you work out what happened? Not one of these three new monkeys reached the bananas, or even tried, even though none of them had actually experienced the jet of cold water. They just followed along with what the other more experienced monkeys had advised them to do.

In our own personal and business lives we can have the same experience. Many of us may be unwilling to try something because we have been trained by others to fail. This is especially so in Internet marketing.

Become willing to step out and have a go! You never know what is possible. Just like those other monkeys. That jet of cold water had been turned off, so they would not have even got wet. What you want may be a lot easier for you to achieve than it was for others.

This is my life!

Coaching for Success

PS. If you would like any subject covered just drop me a line.

Latest Release.

This week we added four new videos and turorials:

1. Setting up your free ecommerce system.  (Members Click Here)
2.  How to create audio with Audacity  (Members Click Here)
3. How to add streming web audio to your site  (Members Click Here)
4. How to add streaming video from  public sites  (Members Click Here)

Videos to come very soon are how to add products to your ecommerce system and how to use RSS to get these messages delivered to your desktop. We have a lot more exciting stuff coming.

This Weeks Thought

“Most people don’t want to do the hard; that’s why it’s so easy to be successful. There’s no competition!
Remember short-term pain will equal long term gain and vice versa. It’s the hard that makes you great.
It’s the willingness to do the hard that separates you from your competition, because most of them are
only willing to do the easy. Unfortunately, in the long run, the easy always turns out to be the hard. “


This Weeks Traffic Idea

The last few months I have been using a system called Free Traffic system and how it works is you write and article and then by using some tags you can make it so it will publish in different version. This is called Article spinning.

You can then post those articles to 30 different blogs. Creates good backlink traffic.

You can go here to get your own free traffic system.

This Weeks Video

This Weeks Featured Article

I was going to do this one myself but Elena who I work with often has done such I good job I felt why reinvent the wheel.

Snatching Defeat From The Jaws of Victory
byElena Fawkner

You may find the lure of an online business seductive indeed.

And why not? After all, it holds the promise of true independence – time and money freedom – from the comfort and sanctuary of your own home. It tantalizes you with the promise of unlimited potential, a limitless market. With immediate results.

All of this is achievable. Except the last. There is nothing immediate about the results you will achieve when you first start an online business.

It’s estimated that well over 98% of internet businesses bite the dust after only a few months. How can you make sure you’re one of the 2% who last through the long haul? It’s quite simple, really. Just hang on.

That’s assuming, of course, that your online business is worth hanging on TO. If all you’re doing is reselling someone else’s products and not contributing anything to the Internet community yourself, get ready to join the 98%. But if you’ve identified your niche, if you’re making an original contribution to that niche and have quality products or services to offer that market, you can make it.

But you have to be prepared to stick it out because no matter how great your site, your product, your service, your ideas, your abilities, it will not happen overnight. THAT’S why 98% of online businesses fail. It’s not because they were also-rans, it’s not because they did nothing but sign up for half a dozen affiliate programs and thought they were in business, it’s not because they were dumb, or slow, or technically challenged or faced too much competition.

It’s because they gave up too soon.

You have to allow for the lag factor. You have to be prepared to not only sow your seeds, but to give the seeds time to germinate, sprout and, finally, grow. Only then can you harvest. In other words, not only must you sow before you can reap, you must wait after sowing before you can reap.

It’s what you do with that waiting time that’s critical to your success.

Think of yourself as a farmer. You wouldn’t just plant a quarter acre of corn and then sit back for the next three months (or however long it takes corn to grow) twiddling your thumbs, obsessively checking for signs of life every five minutes, getting more and more frustrated with every day that passes without being able to harvest.

No. In the meantime, you’d be busy planting strawberries, potatoes, carrots and broadbeans. And you’d be busy *harvesting* the broccoli, cabbage, brussels sprouts and asparagus that you planted four months before the strawberries, potatoes, carrots and broadbeans. While you weren’t obsessing about how the cauliflower, silverbeet, tomatoes and squash you’d planted three months before THAT were doing. And keeping an eye on your herb garden while you were at it.

Like working a farm, working an online business is a constant exercise in planning, sowing, tending, measuring and reaping. And patience. Lots and lots of patience.

When you “finish” your first website (you’ll understand why the quotes if you have your own site), you think the hard part’s over. You think that it’s simply a matter of uploading your site to your web host’s servers, submitting your site to the search engines, listing it in directories, negotiating reciprocal links with other webmasters, publishing an ezine and generating subscribers, placing paid ads (you’ll figure out what free ads are worth all by yourself), writing articles and doing a hundred and one other things to drive traffic to your site.

And you’re right. It is that simple.

But it all takes time.

You won’t upload your site today and have it indexed by the search engines tomorrow. You’ll send the first issue of your ezine to maybe 10 people. Or fewer. Your first attempt at ad writing will bring you zero sales. It takes you three months for it to actually sink in that you have to run your ad for a minimum of seven times before readers will act. And that it’s seven times to the SAME audience.

And then, when your site is *finally* indexed by the search engines, it doesn’t appear in the first three pages of search results for your keywords. In fact, it doesn’t appear in the first *thirty* pages. So you learn about the importance of high-profitability keywords and you create new web pages just for those keywords. And submit them to the search engines. And then wait until they’re indexed.

And then check again.

In the meantime, four months have passed, you now have over five hundred subscribers to your ezine and you’re starting to see maybe fifty site visitors a day. And not a one of them is buying anything.

You’ve been working hard, long hours in your business but, quite frankly, you consider it a good month if you can (just) cover your web hosting fees with what you’re bringing in.

So you start feeling like it’s just not worth the time and the effort and the sacrifice. You’re spending at least half your waking time on this thing and you’re not getting anywhere.

A few more weeks pass with no results and you start getting seriously dejected. You’re disillusioned and disappointed.

You’re frustrated and generally P.O.’d that everyone else seems to be able to do this but you.

Your day job, which you detest with a passion, starts to feel like not such a bad way to spend 8 hours. Hey, it beats sitting before a computer screen day in day out trying to market to a bunch of ingrates with nothing to show for it.

So you petulantly start watching TV in the evenings after work instead of tending your garden. You completely miss the tender young shoots that suddenly appear in the corn patch. You don’t see that birds are picking off the strawberries and that the carrots and broadbeans need watering. You don’t notice you have a whole field of potatoes that are ready for harvesting or that the soil needs to be turned where the silverbeet was planted six months ago.

Finally, the corn is ready to harvest but half-formed cabbages and asparagus are rotting because you didn’t notice it was time to water and protect them from parasites. Soon the corn will join them.

You don’t see any of it because you’re busy watching TV. If you’d just hung on a little bit longer, you’d be starting to reap a healthy crop from your efforts by now. But you didn’t hang in there. You gave up too soon.

Don’t let this happen to you. Don’t let your business die on the vine. Continue to feed, water and protect it. Even when you don’t feel like it. *Especially* when you don’t feel like it.

Success in this business has as much to do with patience and perseverance as it does about creativity and talent.

Success could be just around the next corner. Just wait and see what’s waiting for you before you flip the switch.

Elena Fawkner is editor of A Home-Based Business Online … practical business ideas, opportunities and solutions for the work-from-home entrepreneur. Also, visit Elena’s newest site, Web Work From Home

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