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Our new course on how to create Artisteer mobile sites

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We have been using Artisteer for over three years and it has given us the advantage over our competition by allowing us to make custom themes for our customers. You can make unlimited desktop and Artisteer mobile themes for the one low price.

Utilize the great aspects of WordPress and Artisteer

We started some of the mobile frenzy last year with our Business Mobile Website product which helped entrepreneurs to start their own Mobile Website Business. Now there are hundreds of Mobile Products around many based on our training.

Now its time to introduce you to how we use Artisteer Mobile themes to create great looking Mobile Websites that can be run as a blog or a Content Management System using WordPress.

Mobile And Desktop Themes

The best thing about using Artisteer for your WordPress Content Management System is that you can create unlimited themes in all different designs and colors for yourself and your customers and retain the branding values for these sites.

Mobile Template no header
Graphics in Content 
Mobile Template Text header
Graphics in Content 
Mobile Template Image header
Graphic on every page 
Artisteer mobile template no header Artisteeer mobile text header artisteer Mobile site with image header

What Our Customers Say

Once our customers realize the power of mobile websites a few pages is just not enough so we needed to create a much more versatile system that would allow multiple pages and subpages, posts and categories.

WordPress is a fantastic Content Management System that allows us to do all this and more. We can add numerous plugins to extend the functionality of the mobile website and also generate added revenue through hosting their mobile website. We can also duplicate their color scheme for seamless integration.

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Of One of Our Artisteer Mobile Themes

QR Code Mobile agazine

Our Mobile Magazine with one of the Artisteer Mobile templates

Artisteer Mobile Templates

There has been a lot of discussion about how to create Artisteer Mobile Templates and we have developed a system to do this.

Artisteer is not actually built to create Mobile Templates however with a little tweaking you can build great mobile templates with just a little tweaking.

It is not just a matter of making your templates 100% as this will not address the mobile platform. These are stretch and fit techniques so your site will fit all major smartphones.

Create Unlimited Pages and Posts

Once you create your Artisteer mobile templates and upload your new theme to WordPress and customize some settings you can create unlimited pages and posts in your new mobile website.

Create Artisteer Mobile Themes

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