Using Skype for content.

We all love something for nothing.
With Skype’s free software  you can chat away with free Skype-to-Skype calls and never worry about cost, time or distance. Share the love and get your friends to download Skype so you can talk, chat or make video calls for nothing. You can also make local, long distance and international calls to phones and mobiles at great rates too.

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Two months ago I was interviewed on Skype by two people at once – one of the people interviewing me was in England, and the other in Japan!

And now, that interview has been turned into a product that is going to be seen by thousands of people all over the world!

Remember: you can also get the interview transcribed and then you also have content to add to your website.

Forget telephone interviews, forget teleseminars … Skype really is the quickest and easiest way to create new audio or video products and content.

And shockingly — recorded Skype calls generally sound better than telephone calls, and WAY better than all those scratchy teleseminars calls we’ve all put up with (you know the ones – where you have to listen two or three times just to catch what people are saying!) …


How To Use Skype Video To Create Breakthrough Content

The Problem & Why Hasn’t This Been Solved Yet?

skypeIn the past, interviews were created as teleseminars, using audio as a medium to communicate between 2 or more parties.

Video interviews were not possible because of the lack of user-friendly or cost-effective technology.

In addition, video testimonials have come on the scene recently, mostly caught on tape ‘live’ at conferences, where marketers (or event hosts) could take advantage of their customers being present to ‘shoot’ the video endorsement.

But what if a marketer wants to take advantage of video or audio testimonials, but lacks being their in person with their customers?

Is there a cost-effective & efficient solution to this problem?

What’s Possible Today:

For solopreneurs or marketers who are looking for a platform to easily use video or audio for interviews and testimonials, without expensive technology, or having to shoot video in-person, there is a solution today – Skype.

Skype ( offered Skype Video beta in December 2005, offering its users free, high-quality video calling capabilities. Today it has improved and the quality is very impressive. Maybe you have seen it on Oprah.

Compatible with almost any Webcam, Skype Video is fully integrated into Skype calling, and can be adjusted to provide full-screen video with just one click.

After downloading Skype 3.0, simply plug in a Webcam to start using video for free.

So how can marketers take advantage of Skype Video and Audio?

(A) Video or Audio Interviews:

1. By using Skype, you can connect and initiate a ‘Video or Audio Call” with your interviewee.

2. With your webcam on, and your headset/desktop mic on, you now have an audio/video interview.

3. You can choose to leave the video settings as-is, the default setting being “Video on Call Tab”; or when your mouse rolls over the video, it’ll show a few controls.

If you click on “Video in Window”, it’ll popout the video onto a new window, which you can move around your desktop screen. Leaving it as “Picture In Picture” option allows your viewers to see both you and your interviewee in the same screen.

4. Record the video and audio using your own recording devices, such as Camtasia ( for video/screencast/audio recording or use the free Cam Studio you can download here.

5. Save the file.
Render to Flash Video (if that suits you).
Publish on the web for your subscribers or customers to view and listen to it.

Note: Because video uses more bandwidth, you’ll find that the video may pause for a few seconds to buffer. This is normal. You may want to test this before trying it ‘live’ in your interview.

(B) Video Testimonials:

The process is similar to the steps above, except that you would opt out of the “Picture In Picture” view.

Simply right click your video window, and choose the “Hide Me” option.

Note: In order to make this work, your customers would need to own their own webcam, and use Skype too.


1. Now with Skype Video, you can take advantage of video for endless possibilities – be it for fun or profit.

2. With Skype Video, you can publish your interviews today in a video format, instead of just audio/teleseminars. In addition, you can record video testimonials from your happy customers for building your credibility on your websites.

15 Apps for Recording Skype Conversations

There are lots of ways to record your Skype calls easily, allowing you to save them locally for posterity (ie. covering your back). But mostly you’ll want to record a call and drop it into a podcast or make it publically available for all.

I’ve collated the best apps for recording Skype in this list. While some of the applications are free, most of them require you to shell out a few bucks. The list is split into separate sections for Windows and Mac.

Here are 10 apps (mostly shareware, some freeware) for Windows that can record Skype calls. Most also offer various other capabilities, such as recording streaming audio from the internet or connected devices. I personally use Pretty may

  1. Freecorder (Windows) – Easy to use recording app for Windows with pause / resume recording, automatic silence elimination. Saves your Skype conversations as an MP3.
  2. Hot Recorder (Windows) – Easily share recorded conversations, voicemail and has a wide range of funny sounds to insert into a recording. Also has capability to convert files.
  3. i-Sound (Windows) – Records your conversations and internet radio with real-time noise reduction.
  4. KishKish SAM (Windows) – Records and saves conversations. Has a built-in stress detector that picks up stress levels from voice. Can be recorded in CD quality or saved as MP3.
  5. MixCast Live (Windows) – Easily record Skype calls, then podcast them for all to listen to.
  6. Pamela (Windows) – Skype-certified app for recording calls. Free, optional upgrades available.
  7. PowerGramo (Windows) – Can record incoming and outgoing calls, easy to share recordings with friends and associates. Free, optional Pro version.
  8. PrettyMay (Windows) – Record and replay calls easily, saves as MP3 and makes sharing simple. Also use Skypeout credit from regular phone.
  9. SkyLook (Windows) – Records Skype calls as an MP3 and makes them quickly available within Outlook.
  10. Total Recorder (Windows) – Record calls and save as MP3, WAV, WMA or Ogg.

And a few Mac apps for recording Skype calls. Most are standalone apps, Call Recorder is a Skype plugin. I’ve also found a workaround using GarageBand and 2 other apps to record your calls in OS X.

  1. Audio Hijack (Mac – Universal) – Quickly and easily save audio from almost any application to an AIFF file. Slick integration with OS X. Free, optional upgrade offering ability to tweak sound.
  2. Call Recorder (Mac) – Skype plugin to record conversations and save as AAC, or convert to MP3.
  3. GarageBand Workaround: uses 2 other apps, LineIn (Universal – free) and Soundflower (Universal – free). If you don’t want to spend extra on a dedicated app, try this.
  4. Nicecast (Mac – Universal) – Podcasting app that can be setup to record from Skype.
  5. WireTap Pro (Mac – Universal) – Powerful app to record and save Skype calls directly into your iTunes library or onto your iPod. Also can record streaming audio from internet. Variable file formats available for saving.

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