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Lots of people and businesses pay a small fortune for web design and yet in the end all they get is a petty brochure that draws very little traffic and has no interactivity with their clients or prospects.

Why is this so?

The main reason is that many of the web designers around at present come out of the magazine and media industry where people pay quite a few thousand dollars for single page glossy adds.

600398_figures_speech_3The Internet is a different Medium.

These websites never perform very well unless all you want is some branding.

Real people and search engines are looking for content not lots of pretty pictures and flash.

A simple site with good information will always out perform these glossy brochure style sites.

Using a program like wordprerss will also increase your visibility far more than static html pages simply because they are designed for the Internet.

At The IM Club we can produce a fully optimized, self managed, media enhanced web site with  a full years hosting for around $880 AUD dollars. We can guarantee it will outperform most other websites if you help us to add content to it on a regular basis.

We also include access to this membership site for life ensuring you keep up with the latest information and technologies. If you would like more information use our online live help if we are available or our ticketing system. If you want to talk to us from anywhere in the world you can call us at our Australian office. 07 3103 2763

Look forward to hearing from you.

Quentin Brown

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