What is Inbound Marketing

Before I start and explain the process of Inbound Marketing let me provide a couple of experiences.

Last week I spoke to students at a school about becoming Internet Marketers at a Careers event and one of the examples I used for inbound mareting was the Blendtec model.

I was amazed to hear that almost 80% of the students had seen the youtube ads and would like to have one of their blenders. These young adults were switched on and understood the changing marketplace.

Havent seen their adds yet then here you go.

If you go and search to buy a blender online you will run across their videos and other material everywhere.  They have twitter, RSS feeds etc

In other words they have used inbound marketing to create a huge following and I will show the the video of where they are at today a little later.

Contrast this with a breakfast I attended today with traditional business people where they had not heard of Belndtec or understood the changing marketplace. 

Now its not really the age but the attitude.

So what is Inbound Marketing.

Here is an extract from Hubspot in the US

In traditional marketing (outbound marketing) companies focus on finding customers. They use techniques that are poorly targeted and that interrupt people. They use cold-calling, print advertising, T.V. advertising, junk mail, spam and trade shows.

Technology is making these techniques less effective and more expensive. Caller ID blocks cold calls, TiVo makes T.V. advertising less effective, spam filters block mass emails and tools like RSS are making print and display advertising less effective. It’s still possible to get a message out via these channels, but it costs more.

Inbound Marketers flip outbound marketing on its head.

Instead of interrupting people with television ads, they create videos that potential customers want to see.

Instead of buying display ads in print publications, they create their own blog that people subscribe to and look forward to reading.

Instead of cold calling, they create useful content and tools so that people call them looking for more information.

Instead of driving their message into a crowd over and over again like a sledgehammer, they attract highly qualified customers to their business like a magnet.


This all seems to hard!

While its true that it will take a little more intelligence than paying out thousands to traditioanl media companies to through up your adds in the temporary world of advertising listed above, the fact is, as you become proficient at it with help from the IM Club your efforts will not be here today and gone tomorrow.

It will also be compounding. A little today and then a little tomorrow and by the end of the year you will have a large amount of content spread all over the net tripping up people looking for your services.

I am still getting leads for my products from content I produced over 5 years ago.

Lets face it magazines, newspapers, TV and Radio will most likley be forgotten tomorrow but your online content will be there for years to come. This is the real power of inbound marketing.

So is this a sustainable marketing model?

Well lets watch Blentc today and see what they say.


More  again tomorrow when we will look at each of the tools mentioned in the graphic above.

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