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Here are some extra Videos from WordPress.
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Writing and publishing a post!

The thing you’ll probably be doing most with WordPress – writing and publishing posts – is covered in this short flyby tutorial

Saving and returning to draft posts & pages

If you’d like to save your work and come back to it another time, without putting it out for the world to see, WordPress gives you various draft options. This video talks you through the process.

Rearranging the post editor to suit your style

The WordPress post editor lets you set it up to suit you – this short video shows you how you can configure it to taste.

Publishing your post at a later date

If you’d like to set a post to publish at a future date, WordPress makes it easy. Here’s how to do it.

Adding an “About Me” (or any other static) page

Pages are static, evergreen content on your blog. This short video walks you through how to create an about-me page, or any other page you’d like to feature on your blog

Creating a post excerpt & using the “more” tag

If you’d like to create a summary of your post, or entice your readers to go beyond the first paragraph and click through to a post entry the excerpt and “more tag” features are your friends. This video shows you how to use them.

Using Quick Edit and Bulk Edit to manage your posts in half the time

Quick Edit and Bulk Edit are two features that will make it easier for you to quickly make changes to single posts or a whole bunch at once. This video shows you how.

Changing attribution for a post

If you’d like to change which of the authors on your blog is given attribution for a post, this video will show you how

Adding categories and tags to your posts

Categories and tags help to organize the content in your blog, and make it easier for people to navigate through to find what they’re looking for. In this short video, we’ll take a look at how to add and manage both.

Customizing your writing settings

If you’d like to customize your settings for writing with WordPress, this one minute tutorial will walk you through adjusting your blog’s writing settings

Getting a post out quickly with QuickPress

If you want to quickly get a post out without the trimmings of the main editor, QuickPress makes it simple to publish right from the dashboard. This short video walks you through it.

Creating a PollDaddy Poll

If you want to quiz or poll your readers with a customizable, embeddable poll, the PollDaddy feature baked into the editor makes it really easy. This short video talks you through the process of putting a poll together and checking up on the results.

Diving into drafts from the dashboard

If you want to get right back to a recent draft, you can now dive in right from the dashboard’s Recent Drafts pane. This video walks you through what’s on offer.

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