Set Categories

Categories are like the chapter headings of a good book and allow your visitors to find the specific information they want want.

Though I don’t like writing articles on SEO much because SEO algorithm keep changing with time and there is no shortcut to get into the front page of result without quality content.

It is quite important to tweak your wordpress blog for better SEO so that when we hit publish chances of getting on Front page of the result will be more.

Now many bloggers use categories like blog, blogging which does not make much sense when you think of it from search point of view. A better option will be using blogging tips, blogger hacks.

Similar in the case of a category named as “addon“ which does not make any sense to search result but using a category like mozilla addon or FireFox addon does make sense.

Every word you select for your blog or tag or category; make sure it makes sense otherwise using any useless category name or tag name will not help you get better search engine results.

Creating a new category

A new category can be created from the Posts menu > Categories. You can also add them on the fly.


Change the category of a post

In order to move a post from one category to another, you should click on Edit in the Posts menu, hover over the post you wish to edit and click Quick Edit.


From the Categories section select the new category (in our case the Test category) and click Update Post to save the change.


Delete a category

Important Note: that deleting a category does not delete posts from that category. It will just set them back to the default category.


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